Personal Favorites from the New House: Friday Five

The new house is slowly but surely being settled in to and we’ve received lots of questions about sources on some key items. Below, we’ve rounded up our personal favorites from the house.

Please excuse the terrible photos – we’ll do a proper reveal with Madeline’s stunning photos after the holidays. The good news is – all our personal favorites are still in stock and at great prices. Add them to your wish list!



branding and web designer gives a home tour of her modern and traditional dining room reveal with black modern chairs and farmhouse table


1900s Boulangerie Extendable Dining Table

Ohhhhhh has the dining table been a fiasco. We ordered a beautiful, extendable farmhouse table the day we knew we got the house. 5 weeks later it still hadn’t arrived and when we followed up with the merchant, it had apparently been “lost.” And they couldn’t get us a new one until mid-December. As in, way after our first Thanksgiving in our new home. Not. Gonna. Work.


We immediately cancelled that order, kidnapped my mom who was in town, and headed south to the outlet mall. Our first stop was the Restoration Hardware outlet and this was the first table we saw. At 40% off it’s outlet price. Done and done. It’s a beautiful grey color, extends to seat 10, and the perfect narrow width to allow for our chairs (see below). We had to rent a van to bring it back home, but all in it cost us $70 more than the original plan, and is far more beautiful.


If you have an outlet – start there. If not, it’s still available online and worth every penny!


Matte Black Modern Dining Chairs (also available in white) for under $25!


These are one of our favorite pieces so far in the new house. Not only are they wildly comfortable and sturdy, they are an incredible price. We found similar options online around $150 a chair but kept searching. Found this exact chair for $88 which was a great deal, then Google image searched and found these at an office supply store for just $25!


article mid-century credenza with floating white shelves and gallery wall by The Identité Collective - austin based branding and web designer


Bleached Jute Rug

We’ve received tons of questions about this rug – it’s the same from our old living room, just repurposed for the dining space. We bought an additional one in the 9×12 size for the adjoining living room, and layered it with an antique Turkish rug from The Southern Loom. They are so textural, super soft on your feet, and the perfect bright white you’d want a jute rug to be on dark floors.


Down Feather, Linen Sectional

If you’ve been following along on our stories, you know there was a dilemma with the wrong orientation sofa arriving. Well, with all of your help, and some good old trial and error, the mistake turned out to be a blessing. It nicely nicely sections off the living room without blocking our beautiful credenza (also repurposed from our previous house).


Bookcase that I Can’t Show You Yet

We have some particularly beautiful book cases being delivered today, so I can’t show you yet. But they’re linked above! Raw wood, interesting architectural details, and the perfect pieces to fill a weird landing in the bonus room upstairs. We’ll hopefully get to style them this weekend, so check Instagram for updates! These beauties will surely become one of our personal favorites when they finally arrive.

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