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Investing in quality is the key to minimalism, and a capsule wardrobe. You’ll end up spending far less, if you invest in a few, quality pieces. If you’re new to the blog, you should know I’m a firm believer in the Capsule Wardrobe and strive every day to keep my clothing items to a minimum. Anytime I purchase something new, two other pieces are donated. Our house is tiny, we don’t have the closet space, and we save hours a week by not having to tidy/wash/fold countless loads of laundry

There are a few items that need to be replaced in my wardrobe once or twice a year – things like white t-shirts or my favorite white button ups just don’t stay as crips over months of wear, so I keep those items at a lower price point. But things like denim, sunglasses, blouses, and shoes stand the test of time when I am selective when purchasing them.

So this year – I encourage you to focus on investing in quality for what you wear every day. By purchasing only one or two items at a time – you spend the same price as filling your cart with “Fast Fashion” items you’ll only wear a dozen times. However, you’ll be wearing luxury pieces that last a lifetime.

Here is what I focus on most when investing in quality: 
  • FIT – first and foremost, how the items fit you is key. But just because they don’t fit off the rack, doesn’t mean you discount them. If that Acne Studios blouse has a slightly too wide shoulder, a $20 trip to the tailor will make it a piece custom fit for you. Because of my apple body type – I usually opt for items a size above my own, then have sleeves, shoulders or bust taken in.

  • FABRIC – this is my favorite part of the Half Yearly Sale because suddenly I can be ballin in a silk blouse, instead of a polyester one, for the same price. I don’t have any synthetic fabrics in my wardrobe anymore, so I really depend on this Half Yearly Sale to be able to afford the luxury pieces like cashmere pullovers or linen shift dresses. 

  • FRAGILITY – when you’re cutting back to 3 dozen or fewer pieces in your wardrobe, not all luxury items are created equal. You need things to withstand more frequent use than in a closet stuffed with hundreds of items. That being said, I stay away from too loosely woven silks or knits, that might snag during my workday. Denim with a little bit of Lycra or spandex will hold it’s shape with multiple wears, and not need to be washed as frequently. 

Now that I’ve disclosed all my secrets to buying luxury throughout the year, here are the items I have currently have in my Capsule Wardrobe, or am looking to swap out for:


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