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Pinterest: The #1 Platform for Interior Designers

Interior Design: Brett & Kara // Photography: Jen Burner


When it comes to social media strategy, Pinterest doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. With Instagram as most creatives’ platform of choice, Pinterest for interior designers can be treated as a hobby more than a strategic marketing tool. Of course, we love going down the rabbit hole of inspirational images just as much as the next user, but we’re big believers that this traffic-driving platform has so much more to offer.

Here at IDCO, we’ve seen the incredible power of pinning first-hand, and we want to help designers use Pinterest just as effectively. Today on the blog, we’re diving into what makes this underrated platform so special and how to make it work for your business, big time.




Interior Design: Caitlin Flemming Design | Photography: Stephanie Russo




Before filling up your boards with inspiration overload, set aside some time to develop a tactical plan behind your content. Like any business investment, you want a high ROI on any time dedicated to this platform. Even a little bit of planning can go a long way.


As a general rule of thumb, Pinterest for interior designers should look like a 70/30 split. 70% of your pins being relevant repins and the remaining 30% should be your own work. It’s important to be as selective as possible with your repins. They should be high-quality and should complement your own style. You want viewers to click through to your profile, so give them a good idea of what to expect. For any repins that may not be completely on-brand, create a “secret” board so they won’t be shown on your followers’ feeds.


To make your Pinterest strategy most effective, we also suggest building out time within your schedule to pin your own work at least once a month. You’ll want to use professional portfolio images (leave those iPhone snaps on your camera roll) and aim for vertical images 95% of the time. Vertical images are given more screen space on the Pinterest feed, and therefore, perform much better.


You can also supplement interior images with relevant mood boards and product roundups. Plus, if you have an active blog (you should + here’s why), Pinterest is a great place to share that original content.





Keep in mind that Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. Your job is to help the platform “read” the content you’re sharing so that other users can more easily find it. To do this, you’ll need to utilize alt tags and image captions. Both of these help your work continually populate in the right feeds.


If this is all new territory, don’t stress. We’ve dedicated an entire post to this topic, but we’ll share the brief run-down here. An alt tag (or alternative tag) is a text description associated with an image that essentially tells a search engine what that image is about. You’ll want optimized alt tags on all your portfolio images. Whenever you’re pinning directly from your website — those descriptions will auto-populate as the image caption. If you’ve taken the time to use relevant key phrases in your alt tags, your pins are going to perform even better.


To read more on this strategy, check out: Optimizing your Portfolio For Pinterest With Alt Tags


How to Use Pinterest as an Interior Designer | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Mackenzie + Co. | Photography: Joyelle West




We’ve established that 30% of pins should feature your original work, but the method of pinning is what really matters most. As you share images from your portfolio, make sure you’re pinning DIRECTLY from your website. Don’t upload them individually to Pinterest. This ensures the traffic goes directly to your website.


To make the most of your pins, add a corresponding link that takes any click-throughs to your website. Views are great, but views with web traffic are even better. Plus, if you’ve intentionally utilized alt tags, those portfolio pins from your website are going to work that much harder for you.



Mobile Presets for Interior Designers by IDCO



Now that we’ve talked strategy, it’s time to think about logistics. We know any social media platform eats up time out of a busy schedule, but we think the payoff of Pinterest for interior designers is tenfold. If you’re wondering how often to pin, we’d suggest as often as possible. Scheduling your Pins should be an item on your weekly to-do list. It’s an absolute must after every photoshoot (more things you should be doing here.)


If you find yourself in a Pinterest rut without new images on hand, it’s time to recycle older ones and weave in some other related content. We recommend using a scheduling tool like Tailwind and planning out your pins weeks or an entire month advance (another great idea for batch work.) No matter how often you post, be sure you’re following the steps outlined above to make the absolute most of this platform.


Continue to curate quality content and share beautiful images of your own, and watch how your numbers will translate to website views, inquiries, and followers on other platforms. We know Instagram gets all the love, but don’t overlook Pinterest as your secret marketing weapon.


How to use Pinterest as an Interior Designer


Interior Design: Marianne Simon Design | Photography: Haris Kenjar


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