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As our resident Pinterest expert here at The Identite Collective, Anastasia Jones has quickly become an invaluable member of the team. Not only does she carry a wealth of knowledge in social media strategy, but she’s also CEO of Perennial Brand Collective, where she hosts workshops and retreats as a champion for creative women.

Today we asked Anastasia to share some of her Pinterest tips with our interior designer audience, and she happily obliged. She’s outlining ten ways to make the most of your Pinterest account, leading to inquiries, new projects, and heightened brand awareness.


Anastasia Jones of Perennial Brand Collective | Pinterest tips for interior designers

Image via Anastasia Jones



1. Make Board Names Search-Friendly


Did you know that the name of your boards matters? In fact, it’s one of the most important Pinterest tips. While it’s tempting to create a new board and name it something cute and catchy, that cute name could be hurting more than it’s helping. Instead, try applying names to your Pinterest board that are in line with popular search results. Once you find out the exact word or phrase people use most when searching for your board topic, and use that to name your board instead.



2. Don’t Overlook File Names


What you name your Pin files, images and URLs matter too! Imagine receiving an invitation to the party of the year. You’re pumped because you know so many great people are going to be there. You and your closest friends get dolled up, hop in a limo and pull up to the mansion. You’re promptly greeted by the gatekeeper of the party who asks for each of your names. The gatekeeper then asks a few questions about who you’re looking to meet, what you love to do, etc. Pinterest is that party. And if you want your pins to be seen by millions of people, you’ve got to give the gatekeeper all of the information they need. When you name your pins using the same SEO keywords and phrases that people search, Pinterest can put them in front of more people.


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The IDCO Studio in Austin | Pinterest tips for interior designers

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3. Optimize Your Name + Bio


Your Pinterest profile is the first thing people see when they visit your corner of the Pinterest universe. You can use your profile to make people feel both welcome and informed. When someone visits your page and reads your bio, do they know exactly what you do? Do they know the products and services that you offer? The Pinterest profile ‘name’ field is searchable, so include keywords related to your services to help people find you faster. For example: Anastasia Jones | Creativity Retreats for Powerful Women



4. Consider a Video Profile Cover


This is one of my fun Pinterest tips! Try adding a video cover photo to your profile. This can be a video of you designing a space, working with clients, or simply doing what you love. Have fun and show some personality! Videos can be anywhere from 4 seconds to 5 minutes long. The dimensions for a Pinterest cover photo/video should be at least 800 pixels wide x 450 pixels tall or a horizontal image/video with a 16:9 aspect ratio.


The IDCO Studio in Austin | Pinterest tips for interior designers

Photography: Madeline Harper



5. Test Out ‘Idea Pins’


Business accounts have access to Idea Pins (previously called story pins). These are a great way to grow your audience by showcasing helpful insights, tips, and inspiration to your audience. Idea pins are still relatively new to Pinterest, which means they are doing a lot of the heavy lifting to make sure your idea pins are seen by people outside of your audience. For reference, at the time of writing this post, I have gained 800 new Pinterest followers in three weeks from just one idea pin. Yes, it’s that powerful!



6. Clean Up Random Boards


If you use Pinterest as a business, then it’s time to say a loving goodbye to all of those miscellaneous boards you’ve got floating around. While there can be an element of nostalgia to old boards, they could also really be hurting you. For example, if visitors come to your profile for interior design inspiration and see random boards related to your kids or pets, it can make an awkward first impression.

It’s so important to know everything about your target audience and create boards aligned to the things they love! For example: interior design, beautiful food and drink recipes, fashion trends, trendy paint colors, etc.


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Mobile Presets for Interior Designers by IDCO


7. Cross-Promote on Social


Send traffic to your social media platforms by pinning your posts. Add just enough information in the caption that leads people to click the link and read more for additional context. If you use Instagram, I recommend downloading your Instagram Stories to your camera roll and uploading them as Idea Pins!



8. Pitch Your Services


In my expert opinion, Pinterest is the best way to passively promote your products and services. But don’t take my word for it—here are the facts:

According to Pinterest “478 Million people visit Pinterest every single month.” That’s roughly 119,500,000 visitors per week! Additionally “80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest, and 45% of people in the US with a household income over $100K are on Pinterest.” 

Do you hear that?! There is space for you! Put your business out there and pin your products and services with confidence!



The IDCO Studio in Austin | Pinterest tips for interior designers

Photography: Madeline Harper



9. Use Scheduling Automation


Here’s one of my biggest Pinterest tips in terms of saving time. If you aren’t currently using Tailwind, now is the time to give it a try. I use Tailwind to create, schedule, post and automate pins for all of my clients. I can’t tell you how many hours this one program will save you in your business. 


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10. Have a ‘Success’ Mindset


This is the only place to start when you’re ready to grow your business on Pinterest. You have to believe in yourself, your services, and all that you are offering to the world. You must believe that there is space for you on Pinterest, because there is! Show up with confidence. Show up with content that inspires and connects, show up consistently, and over time you’ll watch as your platform, business, and bank account grow too.



A big thank you to Anastasia Jones for sharing all her Pinterest tips with us today. If you’d like to assess your Pinterest strategy with Anastasia, you can sign up for a Pinterest Power Hour session. You can also learn more at her website, and follow along on Instagram + Pinterest.



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