Reflect on 2017 + Foresight for 2018

I’ve taken 10 days away from work to reflect on 2017 and connect with my family. It’s something I imagine I’ll always schedule in to my business. The last few weeks of the year should always be spent with yourself and whomever you else you choose.

As an entrepreneur, I’m not designed to wait around for the New Year to work toward new goals. Resolutions feel a bit shallow or lazy to me – like you aren’t ready to commit the rest of the year. When you own a business, it is imperative to reflect and adapt throughout the year. It is what will fuel your business.

So as the year concludes, I wanted to take time to reflect on 2017 as a whole – both professionally and personally. Anuschka Rees (author of The Curated Closet) put together an amazing list of 50 questions to help guide that reflection. I thought by sharing my responses here with you guys, I could most accurately reflect on 2017 and be accountable for the New Year.


As we chatted about on Instagram – I want you guys to do this with me. I want us cheering each other on, learning from each others’ experiences, and guiding each other on the way.

reflect on 2017 by branding and web designer the identité collective

You can view her full post here and download her workbook!


2017 Reflect + Appreciate


  1. If you had to describe your 2017 in three words, what would they be? 

    fulfilling, emotional + prosperous 

  2. What, or who, are you most thankful for? 

    I think this year I’m most thankful for my husband. I put him through a lot this year (working remotely around the world for nearly 3 months of the year, endless late nights, a stressful + sudden move, + financial uncertainties to name a few) 

  3. What new things did you discover about yourself? 

    As I reflect on 2017, I realize I discovered that I didn’t need permission from anyone to live my life the way that makes me the most happy. I learned that success isn’t a monetary number and that is totally okay. 

  4. What single achievement are you most proud of? 

    We bought a freaking house! 

  5. What was the best news you received? 

    We were approved for our loan. After falling through once, the final okay was the most overwhelming combination of joy +relief I’ve ever felt. 

  6. What was your favorite place that you visited in 2017? 

    Barcelona. My sister and I took a sisters trip to five cities around Spain. Barcelona was the most magical combination of whimsical history and modern innovation I’ve ever seen. 

  7. Which of your personal qualities turned out to be the most helpful this year? 

    My ability to take action. When I reflect on 2017, I realize there were few ideas I didn’t at least try. 

  8. Who was your number one go-to person that you could always rely on? 

    Lexi Parker of Revel Union Studio. Lexi never let me give up. She picked up slack where I couldn’t. She pushed me to be a better designer. She helped me stay calm when I was at my breaking point. Lexi helped me laugh harder than I ever have. She showed me what unconditional friendship is. 

  9. Which new skills did you learn?

    The coolest thing about my job is that I literally learn something new multiple times a day. The best thing I learned in 2017 was how to design and build websites in Showit.
  10. What one event are you going to tell your grandchildren about? 

    Visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona before it was completed. 

  11. If someone wrote a book about your year, what genre would it be? 


  12. What was the most important lesson you learned in 2017? 

    If a project doesn’t feel right during the on-boarding process, don’t take it.

  13.  Which mental block(s) did you overcome? 

    Thinking I had to work at my desk 9-5, even though my brain can’t focus from 2-5pm each day. When I did a mid-year reflect, I realized I needed to switch my schedule to the way my brain works best. Now I work 8am-2pm, then 8-11pm. 

  14. What five people did you most enjoy spending time with? 

    Quinn, Lexi, Samantha, Erin, and Madeline 

  15. What was your biggest break-through moment career-wise?When I launched my new website.


  16. How did your relationship to your family evolve? 

    I spent more time with my family this year than any year in the past. With nearly 3 months spent in San Francisco, multiple family visits to Austin and a three week trip to Spain with my sister, we are closer than ever. 

  17. What book or movie affected your life in a profound way? 

    What the Health

  18. What was the best compliment you received this year? 

    “You inspired me to quit my job and start my business.” 

  19. What little things did you most enjoy during your daily life? 

    Daily Slack chats with my Creative Clique girls + face masks 

  20. What cool things did you create this year? 

    Besides these, I’m really into this. 

  21. What did you think about more than anything else? 

    Interior design 

  22. What topics did you most enjoy learning about? 

    SEO, Instagram marketing + automation 

  23. What new habits did you cultivate? 

    I’ve been REALLY good about drinking tons of water. I also donate one item for every new item purchased. 

  24. What advice would you give your early-2017 self if you could? 

    Stop hosting workshops. 

  25. Did any parts of your self or your life do a 180 this year? 

    I stopped eating meat. 

  26. What had the biggest positive impact on your life this year? 

    My Creative Clique (more details on what this means VERY soon) 

  27. What was your most frequent mental state? 

    Bliss. And that’s amazing. 

  28. Was there anything you did for the very first time in your life? 

    I saved 30% of my income. 

  29. What was your favorite moment you spent with friends? 

    Our first Thanksgiving in our new home. 

  30. What major goal did you lay the foundations for? 

    Minimalizing our lifestyle. 

  31. Which worries turned out to be completely unnecessary? 

    My fear of not getting things done in time. I can always make more time by rearranging priorities. 

  32. What experience would you love to do all over again? 

    My Spain trip with my sister. 

  33. What was the best gift you received? 

    Quinn had my favorite vintage chair repaired for me after a guest had broken it. 

  34. How did your overall outlook on life evolve? 

    As I reflect on 2017, I realize my focus evolved from proving myself (whatever that even means) to building up other people’s businesses. 

  35. What was the biggest problem you solved? 

    Project timelines. I hadn’t set up a strategic system for my client projects until early this year. It’s changed my business and allowed for much better client results. 

  36. What was the funniest moment, one that still makes you burst out laughing? 

    Literally any moment spent with Lexi. 

  37. What purchase turned out to be the best decision ever? 

    These chairs.

  38. What one thing would you do differently and why? 

    I’d have established a mid-day exercise routine. 

  39. What do you deserve a pat on the back for? 

    Booking every month of 2017 with client work. 

  40. What activities made you lose track of time? 

    Alamo Drafthouse date nights

2018 Get Excited
  1. What do you want the overarching theme for 2018 to be?  Less is more
  2. What do you want to see, discover, explore?  Europe with Quinn
  3. Who do you want to spend more time with in 2018?  My Creative Clique
  4. What skills do you want to learn, improve or master?  Photography
  5. Which personal quality do you want to develop or strengthen?  Balance
  6. What do you want your everyday life to be like?  50% client projects / 15% personal projects / 15% home projects / 20% no projects
  7. Which habits do you want to change, cultivate, or get rid of?  My sugar addiction
  8. What do you want to achieve career-wise?  I’d like to hire another full time designer
  9. How do you want to remember the year 2018 when you look back on it 20 years from now?  I want to reflect on 2018 as my biggest year of personal growth. The year I prioritized memories over things and content over competition.
  10. What is your number one goal for 2018?  Try something new once a month (inspired by my friend Britt Rohr over at Swell Press)




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