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Getting our home ready for the holidays is always a fun exercise in creativity. While I typically vary the look from year to year, I also like to keep a few signature elements consistent. I’m partial to natural materials and love working with real greenery (sometimes intermixed with a high-quality faux) and keep the decor minimal but festive.

To start, I hone in on a holiday color palette theme, select a signature ribbon, and let the design flow from there. The ribbon choice becomes the common theme throughout our home, and I’ll style it on our garland, stockings, wreaths, and gift wrap. I also like to pull in a few accessories like pillows and blankets to play off the ribbon. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been eyeing all sort of ribbons options for a fresh holiday color palette, and I’ve rounded them up to take one thing off your decorating list.


Copper caramel holiday color paletteCopper caramel holiday color paletteCopper caramel holiday color palette




Shades of Copper


A few years back, I based our holiday home style around a single point of inspiration: this copper velvet ribbon. I was so taken with its rich color tone that acted as a neutral but also felt really special. No question: it’s still one of my favorite holiday color palette themes to date.


Copper Velvet: 7/8 inch, 2020 home tour

Burnt Terracotta Velvet: 1.5 inch

Terracotta Velvet: 2 inch






Shades of Red


My vibe for this year’s holiday color palette is what I’m calling a new take on tradition. Spoiler alert: I’m loving a vibrant tomato red—think something with more orange than blue in it that really packs a punch.


Red Velvet: 2 inch

Wine Velvet: 2 inch

Crimson Silk Velvet: Varied size options

Burgundy Silk Velvet: Varied size options



Dusty mauve holiday color paletteDusty mauve holiday color palette


Shades of Purple


For last year’s holiday color palette, I did a muddy mauve velvet ribbon that I also carried through plaid flannel pillows and the prettiest mink-toned wool blanket. To balance the mauve, I wove in some fawn-colored velvet ribbon that was easily accentuated in brass accents and golden pillows.


Mauve Velvet: 7/8 inch, 2021 home tour

Plum Silk Velvet: Varied size options

Eggplant Velvet: 1/4 or 3/8 inch






Shades of Green


When I’m leaning more traditional in holiday color palettes, I love playing with the tone-on-tone look that green velvet brings to fresh greenery. The texture of velvet helps the ribbon stand out and complements a wreath or garland to monochromatic perfection. It’s understated yet so elevated.


Olive Green Velvet: 1.5 inch

Emerald Green Velvet: 2 inch

Classic Green Velvet: 4 inch

Dark Green Velvet: 5/8 inch




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Chocolate brown holiday color paletteChocolate brown holiday color palette


Shades of Varied Neutrals


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a neutral ribbon. In years past, I’ve used everything from the lightest blush to the deepest chocolate brown, and it always works beautifully. Neutral ribbons also prove to be the easiest (and most dual-purpose) way to decorate for the holidays. Once the season is over, the ribbons all get wound up and stored in a shoe box that I use to wrap birthday presents or thank-you gifts throughout the year.


Cream Velvet: 5/8 inch

Khaki Velvet: 1 inch

Beige Swiss Velvet: Varied size options

Chocolate Ganache Velvet: Varied size options



Dusty mauve and green holiday color palette

Blush pink holiday color palette



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Design & Styling: The Identité Collective | Photography: Madeline Harper



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