A Room-By-Room Guide to Holiday Decorating

Decorating for the holidays always makes me fall in love with our home all over again. From the moment I string the twinkling lights and hang up the stockings, I’m reminded of how much this sweet home means to us. And this year, holiday decorating has felt particularly sentimental. As much as we’re excited to start a new chapter at The Austin Tudor, I know we’ll also miss this home that’s been the backdrop to our life for nearly a decade.

Over years of sharing our holiday tours (revisit 2019 + 2020 + 2021), I like to think I’ve put up a few tricks of the trade. Today I’m sharing my strategies for holiday decorating, with no room off-limits. Festive touches aren’t limited to the living room, and I’ll show you how to add some texture and richness to every space.


How to decorate your living room for the holidays with Anastasia CaseyHow to decorate a coffee table for the holidays with Anastasia Casey Living room holiday decorating ideas with Anastasia CaseyLiving room holiday decorating ideas with Anastasia Casey


The Living Room


Let’s start in the most popular space for holiday decorating: the living room. I treat the mantle as the primary focal point in the living room and always decorate using fresh greenery and garlands. I like to start by clearing everything off the mantle so I’ve got a fresh slate to work with. From there, I secure the garland, layer in some twinkle lights, and hand stockings with luxe velvet ribbon and brass bells. Once the mantle is set, I’m ready to tackle the rest of the space. I focus heavily on adding lots of texture, pattern, and seasonal color tones through my textile selections. Keep in mind that sometimes the biggest impacts you can make with holiday decor aren’t holiday specific at all. 


Living Room Holiday Decorating Checklist:

  • Decorate the Christmas tree in a way most meaningful to you – don’t forget the tree topper
  • Secure fresh garlands on the mantle 
  • Hang your family’s heirloom stockings + add a signature ribbon color
  • Swap in cozy, holiday-inspired throw pillows and blankets
  • Add seasonal coffee table decor (candles and fresh greens are always understated + elegant)
  • Hang fresh mini wreaths in all the windows
  • Style shelf decor (try adding a few small accessories, like ornaments or pine cones in a bowl)
  • Bonus: Swap in a wool chunky-knit rug for added texture






Wreath above the range hood for kitchen holiday decorating Open shelf styling ideas for kitchen holiday decorating Wreath above the range hood for kitchen holiday decorating Wreath above the range hood for kitchen holiday decorating

The Kitchen


The kitchen doesn’t need much to get dressed up for the holiday season, but a few simple touches can go a long way. Try hanging a wreath above your range hood, and add fresh potted rosemary to your countertops. Don’t forget to swap out your everyday tea towels for a classic gingham or plaid pattern for a subtle nod to the season.

If your kitchen features open shelves (I’m going to miss ours terribly!), it’s always a fun opportunity to get extra festive. I like to swap out everyday dishware for my favorite champagne coupes and ​​decorate with the season’s harvest, like bowls of persimmons and pomegranates. Round out the look with mini wreaths here and there until the shelves feel well-balanced.


Kitchen Holiday Decorating Checklist:

  • Hang a wreath above the range hood using a nail-free hook
  • Swap your tea towels for subtle holiday patterns or color tones
  • Add potted rosemary to your kitchen countertops
  • Style a bowl of fresh persimmons or pomegranates




Moss centerpiece in bowl for dining room holiday decorating Moss centerpiece in bowl for dining room holiday decorating Mini wreaths in windows for dining room holiday decorating


The Dining Room


Our current home doesn’t have a stand-alone dining room, but that hasn’t stopped me from decorating. We’re lucky enough to have a huge window in the dining area, so I’ve previously used that as a blank canvas to hang an array of fresh wreaths dressed up with ribbon. For the table centerpiece, I like to keep things understated and simple. I’ve found a bowl of natural moss adds just enough color without going overboard. When we’re hosting, I always pull out our prettiest plates, glassware, serveware, and linen dinner napkins to help set the scene. 


Dining Room Holiday Decorating Checklist:

  • Hang a set of mini wreaths in the window or on an open wall
  • Style a bowl of natural moss as your centerpiece
  • Pull out your best (or most sentimental) serveware for hosting
  • Layer a few taper candles on a buffet cabinet or table





Fresh cedar garlands with ribbon on banisters for holiday decorating Entryway table styling for holiday decorating ideasEntryway holiday decorating with olive branch wreath


The Entry


If your entryway involves a staircase, now is its time to shine. I love running fresh garlands along the banister for a classic holiday look. Secure the garlands using velvet ribbons every few feet to keep the greenery in place. The entry is also a great place to swap around your everyday artwork to something more seasonal. Snowy landscapes look gorgeous throughout the winter months and just make your home feel really special. 


Entry Holiday Decorating Checklist:

  • Hang a gorgeous fresh wreath on the front door
  • Swap in your entry artwork for winter landscapes
  • Add potted rosemary to your console table
  • Fill a decorative bowl with natural moss
  • Hang fresh garlands along your banister with ribbon, brass bells, or dried citrus slices





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Bedroom holiday decorating ideas with wreath over headboardBedroom holiday decorating ideas with brass bellsBedroom holiday decorating ideas with stockings


The Bedrooms


Bedrooms are often the most overlooked area for holiday decorating, but I’m a big believer in bringing a festive touch to every corner of the home. It can be as simple as adding an extra cozy throw blanket or swapping in a new seasonal throw pillow combination. I sometimes hang a set of stockings on the wall in your primary bedroom, or add some brass bells to the decorative ladder in our guest bedroom. Of course, garland on the mantle is a holiday decor must, but you can also run garland over your headboard with the help of a few well-placed hooks.


Bedroom Holiday Decorating Checklist:

  • Swap in a seasonal duvet cover + add a cozy wool throw
  • Change out your decorative pillows for a seasonal-inspired look
  • Hang stockings, brass bells, or ribbons for a festive touch
  • Bonus: run fresh or faux garland along your headboard





Bathroom holiday decorating ideas with wreath Bathroom holiday decorating ideas with ribbons and bells Bathroom holiday decorating ideas with ribbons and bells Bathroom holiday decorating ideas with garland


Bonus: The Bathrooms


Hear me out on this one: I’m not suggesting you go wild on holiday decorating in the bathroom. But I do think a few subtle touches can completely dress up the space—especially if you’re throughout the season. I like to tie our signature ribbon on our bathroom sconces with a few brass bells, and sometimes I’ll even add a fresh wreath or garland. Last year I went all-out with garland along our shower’s archway entry and it was pretty epic.


Bathroom Holiday Decorating Checklist:

  • Tie ribbon and brass bells on the bathroom sconces
  • Style some fresh greenery in a small vessel on the vanity
  • Bonus: Hang a fresh wreath or even a garland



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