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Work-life balance – a popular topic amongst entrepreneurs that can be incredibly difficult to accomplish. But self care for entrepreneurs seems impossible when you wake up early after spending hours and hours in front of the computer the day before. You drink too much coffee, forget about eating healthy and haven’t worked out in while…sound familiar? Trust me, I know the feeling.


Self care for entrepreneurs from The Identite Collective, branding and web design agency specializing in creative lifestyle brands


The truth is that entrepreneurship brings a lot of benefits – you get to work in what you love, manage your own schedule, build your team, and find your passion. But it requires immense self discipline + patience. A big part of the success of your business is that you are healthy in every way, so you can tackle all those goals you have set for yourself.


Don’t know where to start? Let’s talk about 5 ways you can practice self care for entrepreneurs.


  1. Cultivate Healthy Habits


Taking care of yourself starts by cultivating healthy habits. Working out to manage your stress levels, eating healthy, meditating, and reading are some of the ways you can make sure you are balanced.


As easy as this sounds we all know that adopting a new habit can be tricky. It’s about consistency and awareness. So how can you actually do this? When setting new habits try not to overwhelm yourself. Instead of making a long list that can be difficult to tackle, try choosing no more than six habits and focus on them until you fully incorporate them into your daily routine.


If you need motivation or help to keep track of your progress, check out all the amazing apps that will make this process easier. A few favorites include everydayCheck, Habitica, Productive + Streaks.


self care for entrepreneurs from branding and web design studio specializing in interior design and lifestyle brands



  1. Create a Schedule and Stick to It


One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is to manage your own schedule. But since you have all this freedom to manage your day, it can be easy to get lost if you don’t set the tasks you would like to accomplish.


Take some time each week to create a schedule and truly stick to it. Even if you have to make adjustments throughout your day or something comes up, you will still have a clear idea of what you need to do.


My favorite way to divide this is to create a document on my computer to have easy access to it whenever I need it. On one side I have a list of tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis, such as engaging on social media, client work and checking my email. And then I have a weekly schedule for those tasks that have a specific timeline. Then take it a step further. Create a task list every day, so you have a clear definition of when your day is complete.


Find out what works for you by experimenting different methods: digital or physical planner, weekly or monthly schedule, working on your schedule before the week starts or each day. I know the IDCO team uses Newton Mail + Newton Calendar to keep tabs on to-do lists and schedules. If you’re the paper planer type, Golden Coil is the most beautiful, customizable option.


This will help you stay on top of your game.


creative agency for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands


  1. Make Time for Yourself – Without Feeling Guilty


When you are focused on working towards reaching your goals and find what you feel passionate about, it can be complicated to make time to also take care of yourself.


But that’s the thing, you have to MAKE the time because you can’t just wait to have that free space.


Write down on your schedule the time you are going to take for yourself. Whether that’s to spend it with your family, taking a yoga class, going to a spa or even just staying home and watch Netflix. Anastasia has been scheduling time to apply a face mask and read a physical book twice a week.


The most important part here is to do this without feeling guilty. Friends often tell me that they think they are selfish when they do take time for themselves, but keep in mind that you are doing this to stay healthy and that you deserve it.


self care for entrepreneurs from branding and web design for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands


  1. Get Out of your Comfort Zone


Being an online entrepreneur often means spending long days in front of the computer and having a specific routine.


Getting out of your comfort zone is also important if you want to stay healthy. It’s about challenging yourself and trying something different. Especially if you feel stuck, by just going out, socializing, attending an event, and network with other business owners can make a huge difference.


Think about ways you can do this. Even if they seem small, sometimes you just need to take the very first step. Work from a coffee shop. Invite a past co-worker to lunch. Schedule a date night with your partner at a new restaurant.


  1. Celebrate your Accomplishments


Let’s face it, entrepreneurs can be too hard on themselves at times. Wanting to conquer your goals and have a successful business can make you forget about celebrating your accomplishments.


Take some time to look back at how much you’ve learned, what you have accomplished, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Anastasia often says, “Success is just a series of small wins.”


From getting new followers on social media, growing your email list, publishing that amazing course or selling top products. Celebrate it!


Do you have any tips for self care for entrepreneurs?


A note from Anastasia: Social anxiety is a real thing for entrepreneurs. I’ve talked about it on Instagram before. Going out to meet friends is no longer a fun thing – it causes great discomfort and fear. Practicing these tips for self care for entrepreneurs have seriously helped me combat this. Scheduling three things out of the house with people besides my husband have made a difference in just two weeks. When you’re writing your weekly + monthly schedules, don’t forget to officially schedule these things. Truly – it makes a difference. Thank you so much, Maru, for providing such actionable, manageable steps.



Self care for entrepreneurs from The Identite Collective, branding and web design agency specializing in creative lifestyle brands



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