25 Sherwin-Williams Colors Designers Love

I equate finding a no-fail paint color to finding the perfect pair of jeans. There’s trial and error involved, but once you land on the right fit, it becomes a forever standby. Throughout our Austin home and the IDCO Lake House renovation process, I’ve found myself slowly but surely curating my own list of go-to paint colors by Sherwin-Williams. Inspired by the soon-to-be reveal of our Lake House project, I decided to share which colors I love and use often, plus some crowd-sourced selections from top pros across the industry. These are the 25 Sherwin-Williams colors designers love that I turn to time and time again.


Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams, design by The Identite Collective

Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams | SW 7004 (256-C2)

Design: The Identite Collective | Photography: Madeline Harper

Natural White by Sherwin-Williams, design by Yond Interiors

Natural White by Sherwin-Williams | SW 9542 

Design: Yond Interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie


The Best Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors




To me, a pure white paint color is the ultimate fresh slate. When we first bought the IDCO Lake House, we painted nearly every inch in Greek Villa as our creamy, neutral base. However, I’m equally fond of Snowbound, which you’ll find in our primary bathroom—also known as the Archway to Heaven.


designer favorites

Snowbound | SW 7004 (256-C2)

Greek Villa | SW 7552 (254-C1)

Pure White | SW 7005 (255-C1)

Natural White | SW 9542


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Naturel by Sherwin-Williams, design by Light & Dwell

Naturel by Sherwin-Williams | SW 7542 (289-C3)

Design: Light and Dwell Interiors






I’ve been very on-the-record about my love of mushroom paint colors over the years. There’s something about just a hint of warmth that transforms a space, whether it’s the kitchen cabinetry or the four walls of a room. Opt for one of these shades of creamy, tonal color, and you can’t go wrong.


designer favorites

Alabaster | SW 7008 (255-C2)

Balanced Beige | SW 7037 (249-C2)

City Loft | SW 7631 (259-C6)

Naturel | SW 7542 (289-C3)

Loggia | SW 7506 (248-C2)






Gray is the chameleon of paint colors, in my opinion. However, finding a gray without unwanted undertones is easier said than done. These are the shades I reach for when I want a true gray that looks good every single time.


designer favorites

Mindful Gray | SW 7016 (244-C2)

Repose Gray | SW 7015 (244-C1)

Worldly Gray | SW 7043 (245-C1)



Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams, design by The Identite Collective

Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams | SW 6204 (217-C1)

Design: The Identite Collective | Photography: Madeline Harper




When I first revealed our Modern Cottage-Inspired Guest Bathroom, everyone went wild for the wall color: Sea Salt. It’s a really subtle blue that evokes the serenity of a spa and happened to pair beautifully with our black floor tile. From a range of soft to bold, these are the blues that have earned my full stamp of approval.


designer favorites

Sea Salt | SW 6204 (217-C1)

Waterloo | SW 9141 (221-C6)

Gale Force | SW 7605 (279-C3)

Naval | SW 6244 (253-C6)


Rushing River by Sherwin-Williams, design by Yond Interiors

Rushing River by Sherwin-Williams | SW 7446 (247-C6)

Design: Yond Interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie




You might have heard that Sherwin-Williams named Evergreen Fog the 2022 Color of the Year. We also predicted the continued popularity of green our Interior Design Trends to Watch. All that being said, shades of green could not be more on-trend while also delivering tons of timeless appeal.


designer favorites

Contented | SW 6191 (214-C2)

Evergreen Fog | SW 9130 (215-C4)

Rosemary | SW 6187 (215-C6)

Pewter Green | SW 6208 (217-C6)

Rushing River | SW 7446 (247-C6)


Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams, design by The Identite Collective

Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams | SW 6258 (251-C1)

Design: The Identite Collective | Photography:Madeline Harper

Greenblack by Sherwin-Williams, design by Amber Interiors

Greenblack by Sherwin-Williams | SW 6994 (251-C6)

Design: Amber Interiors | Photography: Jess Isaac 




Sometimes you just got to go bold with a dramatic shade of black. I personally love the contrast it brings to a space, which is why we used Tricorn Black for the Lake House lower cabinets. It turned out even better than I’d imagined, and it’s now on my short-list of favorites.


designer favorites

Black Magic | SW 6991 (251-C3)

Tricorn Black | SW 6258 (251-C1)

Greenblack | SW 6994 (251-C6)

Iron Ore | SW 7069 (251-C7)



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