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There is so much small patio inspiration here in Austin. When we bought our first house, we thought the small patio was going to be a setback, but it’s been one of our favorite features! It has great hardscaping, reflects beautiful light, and has mature greenery. Spring is in full swing here and we’re ready to revamp our our small patio.


So far, we’ve been working on helping our existing plants grow in healthy and thick. We had a few freezes this winter in Austin, so a lot had to be cut way back. We have a 10 foot wall of lush greenery for privacy and another wall of jasmine I’m carefully growing in. Aside from the foliage, we have stone pavers and 3.5 foot stone wall, and a 15 square foot patch of grass. Additionally, we have a 15 foot covered patio directly off the dining room where we hung two swings (which we LOVE).


Here are photos of the small patio currently:



Here’s what is working in our small patio:
  • The bistro lights that Quinn hung. They provide a gorgeous glow and light up the otherwise dark patio.
  • The dual love seats. Since it’s not a large space, keeping the seating limited to a few big pieces helps the flow.
  • The long picnic table. It seats up to 10 people and fills the long space well.
What’s not working:
  • The cushions are almost four years old now and need to be replaced.
  • The picnic table doesn’t feel formal enough for the small space. Kennedy (our dog) uses it as a sundeck and it needs to be upgraded.
  • The flow! I’ve played with the seating vs. dining arrangement back and forth and haven’t found the correct orientation.
  • The coffee table – it’s too large to fit in the space. It’s got to go.
  • The ugly lantern melted candle things hanging off the side of the house, left by the previous owner.


Here is the small patio inspiration I’ve pulled for the project:







source (but I’m fairly sure it’s a Serena + Lily catalog shot)



And now I need your help! I’ve put together three possible small patio solutions for our backyard. I’ve linked the items I’m shopping below, and want to know your vote. Once you pick your favorite theme, I’ll put together the final design board before I order!


Option #1:

Cool California casual in white + wood tones. I love this option because it mimics the coloring of our living room but a little brighter and more beachy.


Option #2:

Black and white bungalow. Using woven materials and graphic black and white patterns. Our house gray with black and white trim, so this could really compliment it well!


Option #3:

Parisian patio cafe because, well, Parisian patio. The natural stone in our small patio backyard is the perfect backdrop for women cafe chairs and wood console tables.


Products linked below- BONUS: 20% off all outdoor furniture at World Market using code SUNNY. Don’t forget to leave me your vote in the comments!




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