Spring Closet Detox

The art of organization is not a language everyone speaks. You see the insanely pretty closets on Pinterest or the immaculate pantries on Instagram, but the reality is a little more unkempt. If you don’t have the organization gene, fear not. We have professional organizer and style expert, Shira Gill here to give simple takeaways for a Spring closet detox.

Shira is spilling her best organizing secrets, and we are taking notes! It begins with decluttering and purging and ends with a closet that capsule wardrobe dreams are made of. Find her tips below and for more, check out Shira’s Virtual Closet Makeover Program that is open for enrollment for Spring. Now, on to the closet overhaul.


Spring Closet Detox | Closet Organization | The Identite Collective


From Shira Gill… Are you desperately seeking a streamlined, curated closet but don’t know where to begin? The good news is that just by following these simple tips, you’ll start Spring off on the right foot, and be on your way to closet bliss.  



Location, Location, Location!



Closets are magnets for clutter and random household items, so let’s start your closet detox with a little relocating shuffle. Do a quick scan of your space for items that have lost their way (I’m talking to you gum wrappers, passports, gift wrap – you get the picture!) Instead of glossing over these items, round them up and take a few minutes to put them back where they belong.



‘Tis the Season



If you live in a climate that has dramatic seasonal changes, now is the time to lighten your load and make room for spring. Round up the heavy coats, sweaters, boots, and scarves that you won’t touch this spring or summer. Take this opportunity to donate anything you just don’t wear, use, or love. You can store the “keepers” in a less prime real estate space such as a hall closet, guest room, attic, or basement.


Spring Closet Detox | Closet Organization | The Identite Collective



Say Goodbye to Your Imaginary Life



If you’ve relocated to a new city or made a career switch, the contents of your closet may not make sense for your lifestyle anymore. You might also be holding onto clothing for a specific hobby or activity like gardening, painting, or skiing that you don’t actually practice. Time to get real with yourself and reclaim some space. Donate anything that isn’t relevant for your actual life.



Ditch the Duplicates



Most people tend to buy the same items again and again. If you find yourself staring at a sea of identical blouses (or jeans, or handbags) decide on a reasonable number for your lifestyle, pick your favorites, and donate the rest.


Spring Closet Detox | Closet Organization | The Identite Collective



But It Was So Expensive!



The struggle is real to release those high-ticket items that just never quite worked out. We’ve all been there. Consider a clothing swap with friends who are probably holding onto their own sunken cost treasures, or practice radical generosity and give away your unworn beauties to someone in need.


Spring Closet Detox | Closet Organization | The Identite Collective



Show Your Feet Some Love



It’s time to be kinder to your feet and let go of all of the shoes that pinch, make you walk like a baby deer, or just plain hurt. Yes, even if they are designer, expensive, and drop-dead gorgeous. Donate or consign them, and treat yourself to a new pair you can actually walk in. I promise your feet will thank you.


Spring Closet Detox | Closet Organization | The Identite Collective



Love the Skin You’re In



This one might hurt a little, but I promise it’s for your own good: dress for the body you have right now, and ditch the “If I lose 15 pounds” collection. Focus on creating a streamlined closet filled with items that are useful, stylish, and practical for who you ARE – not who you WERE or who you might be in the future. Create a closet that feels good, and makes sense, now.



Shira Gill probably thinks you have too much stuff.

Visit her at www.shiragill.com to sign up for her signature Virtual Closet Makeover Program or to check out her tips on decluttering, organization, and style. Follow Shira on Instagram @shiragill







All images photographed by Vivian Johnson



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