Anastasia Casey founded The Identité Collective to provide female entrepreneurs with impeccable style, the digital strategy and beautiful design they need to elevate their brands amongst the competition. With 10 years of design + marketing experience, she brings a comprehensive Branding + Web Design process to her clients.

Clients benefit most from her belief that good design is a balance of beauty, strategy + serendipity.

Having lived up and down the West Coast, Anastasia has now settled in Austin with her husband Quinn + their rescue pup, Kennedy. She loves the creative, small town vibe Austin provides to her busy, traveling lifestyle but typically spends 3+ months a year back in San Francisco visiting family + working with clients.

Travel and adventure is her primary source for inspiration, and she soaks in as much as she can. Recent trips include Cape Town, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, + Cordoba. Next year’s adventures will include Majorca, Dublin, Rome + the Almalfi Coast.

Women who own their own design-focused brands are most often drawn to Anastasia for her understanding of physical spaces. With the belief that life is elevated when surrounded by beautiful things, she helps interior designers and artists turn their designs into a refined digital experience.




Our resident Southern Belle, Lexi brings incredible experience, creativity and an acute attention to detail to our client projects. She’s brilliant, funny as hell, and carries herself with immense integrity. She’s most often behind the scenes doing the heavy-lifting in web design, but her thoughtful contributions to the design process make for a well-rounded final project.

When she’s not at IDCO, Lexi is helping small business owners build an irresistible brand at her own design studio, Revel Union. She believes magic happens when women show up for other women, when they collaborate, share ideas, and most of all- cheer each other on. (and believe us - Lexi is the epitome of grace and teamwork) 

She revels at the opportunity to help creative women launch the brand of their dreams, and finds both rewarding and humbling. Through a cocktail of collaboration and due diligence, she makes her client’s visions come to life.


LEAD Designer

Tierra Wilson is a creative brand strategist for lifestyle brands. Her unique approach to branding starts with strategy and market research first. Having her expertise at IDCO allows us to go beyond design and attract our client’s customers with eye-catching and visually powerful online experiences that focus on customer acquisition and engagement versus visitors and likes.

On top of lending her expertise to help our clients succeed, Tierra is the Creative Director and Owner of a web design agency in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, a number of multi-million and billion dollar companies keep Tierra on retainer to help them execute their daily creative strategies including MyFitnessPal, the largest health and food app in the world, and American sports clothing and accessories company, Under Armour.

tierra wilson

Brand Strategy Consultant



Cassandra is IDCO’s go-to WordPress guru. Her technical coding skills can transform any design into reality. Clients love how everything crafted by Cassandra comes back looking exactly the way it was envisioned, with the functionality to match. We call the websites she codes to magic, because they are literally what our web design dreams are made of.

WordPress has become a hot topic around IDCO with the addition of Cassandra’s expertise to the blog, where she talks about the benefits of using WordPress to build websites without limits, that are still easy to update and use. She also provides tips and tricks to get the best results out of this most-popular platform.

Besides working with IDCO to create websites that dreams are made of, Cassandra is the Creative Director of a small branding + design studio, The Girl Brand. She loves working with women who own businesses tied to the earth, from bespoke floral shops to outdoor cafes, and all the things in between.

Madeline Harper is the story capturing lady behind the lens at IDCO. She provides the light filled images you see here. She runs a full time business that ranges from photographing branding content to wedding days to humanitarian work across the globe. Her work has a way of bringing her to the greatest adventures and the sweetest new friends. You'll never see her without coffee and camera in hand and the next trip planned. Madeline believes in the celebration of the big and small alike and that the best of stories can be found in the details. All that considered, having Madeline as our go-to photographer is a dream come true.

Madeline's passion is being a champion for other women in business and has loved stepping onto this team. She is an adventure seeker who spends her days filling up on brunch, a great playlist, and the great outdoors.



behind the scences

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Christina is the Brand Stylist & Web Designer behind ByStinaFaye. She has a huge passion for working with lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands and an expert level of designing & developing via the Squarespace platform. She runs her design studio out of Sacramento, CA and considers herself a true Sacramento loyalist. During her free time, Christina enjoys visiting local restaurants & wineries, and crossing dream destinations off of her bucket list.



Kaitlin Fontenot, better know as Kait, is our self-proclaimed Shopify guru and, in 2016, she was named one of the top sixteen designers to follow by Shopify themselves. With ten years of retail experience, she prides herself in being able to answer the deepest, most complicated questions for her clients while helping them to better understand the digital world. While Kait has spent over seven years designing websites, collateral, and ad campaigns for boutiques and other retailers, she's also garnered immense experience in buying, management, marketing, sales, and even ownership. To say she understands what your customers need is an understatement. Kait works alongside hundreds of retailers, designing Shopify websites that captivate customers and turn abandoned shopping carts into a thing of the past and training retailers to understand that platform to its fullest extent.

kaitlin fontenot

Shopify Expert

contributing team

Our go-to freelance copywriter, Emily offers IDCO clients an exclusive package for writing website content. With single page or full-site options, Emily's process is quick and easy, yielding incredible results.

Small businesses around the world find Emily Ann Peterson’s songstress ink slinging to be handier than a pocket in a dress. She can wrangle words & emotions like a crusty cowboy, which is why badass (yet bashful) business owners trust her to make their dreams come true and words rise from the dead.

emily ann peterson

copywriting CONTRIBUTOR

Kristen is an NYC based Brand Stylist and Designer with over 13 years of experience in Product Design & Development. She has worked with a number of different clients from large multi-million dollar product based brands like Vera Bradley, Tiny Prints and Shutterfly Inc., to spirited small businesses with serious goals. She values the power of branding and believes that strong intentional visuals are what set you apart from your competition.

KRISTEN Poissant

brand styling contributor 

Rory is the brand and web designer of Creative Type A where she works with conscious lifestyle brands to help bring their vision to life through strategic and holistic design. With over 10 years of design experience, she has partnered with national and international brands, helping them craft their story into a beautiful visual identity. We bring Rory in to help with a range of specialties, from brand development and web design, to custom illustrations, typography and lettering.

Her style is fresh and playful, and deeply rooted in her everyday passions. In her spare time, Rory is always down for some culinary experimentation or taking on a good home improvement project for her craftsman cottage.


Branding & Design Contributor

tyler j. mccall

social media CONTRIBUTOR

Tyler J. McCall is our go-to Instagram and social media marketer, strategist, and coach for creatives. He teaches our clients how to use Instagram with intention to grow their community online, grow their list, and grow their business. Tyler focuses on using Instagram and social media to tell stories, build relationships, and convert followers to fans, drawing from his 10 years of experience in non-profit marketing and management and community organizing. He’s taught and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and managed dozens of Instagram accounts since getting into the online marketing game in 2015. Tyler is based in Chicago, where he lives with his partner Eric and their dog Douglass. When he’s not coaching or teaching or Instagram strategizing, Tyler enjoys Target runs and road trips…that he documents on his Instagram Stories. Tyler has been our biggest supporter from day one, and we're so grateful to have him on the team.