The Best Apps for 2019 for Small Business

2019 is coming in hot with less than two weeks until the holiday season is over and it’s on to goals, budgets, and projects. If you’re taking a breather between Christmas and January 1, it’s a great time to get a jumpstart on getting prepared. At IDCO, we are super serious about using the right tools and software to keep our schedules and projects running smoothly. We compiled a list of our favorite user-friendly, IDCO-approved, best apps for 2019 and software to help you maintain those business resolutions. Cheers to a more efficient 2019!



Here at IDCO, we primarily use Monday.com to track our outbound sales campaign. However, we love this program for organizing just about any kind of work flow. Use it to collaborative track projects, sales leads, and timelines. We love that you can see at-a-glance project overviews or display every detail.



Trello is a desktop site and mobile app that we use daily for project management. It’s perfect for teams and for managing your own deadlines. It’s super customizable and the on-boarding process could not be more simple. We manage all our Instagram management clients using Trello and love how it stores everything in one place.



LightRoom is our must-have for photo editing. This software makes it so incredibly easy to batch edit photos on your computer or phone. The mobile app is free and using it with editing presets makes it easier than ever to have a cohesive social media feed. One of our most frequently asked questions is how we get our photos so light and bright – this is it!



We love this app for editing out unwanted objects and smudges in photos. The line remove tool is magic – it removes entire electricity lines, perfect for city scapes. In our opinion, it’s better than Photoshop. Gasp.


Hashtags App

The key to steady, organic growth on Instagram is to use it as a discovery tool. But switching up your hashtag list, focusing on relevant, mid-sized hashtags will help get new eyes on your posts. In the app, type in one hashtag and it gives you 30 related ones so you can cast a wider net. Genius. You can save hashtag lists to be used in future relevant Instagram posts so you can just copy and paste.


This email management software is so amazing for teams and those of us with busy inboxes. The interface is both beautiful and simple. Schedule your emails to be sent later and keep your inbox at zero without thinking twice. It helps you prioritize email with follow-up reminders and a built in calendar. It also makes collaboration a breeze with email links and the ability to assemble an email with a teammate. We like it better than Inbox for Gmail and Apple Mail (but it syncs with any email provider you have).



If you’re monetizing your interior design portfolio or Instagram feed via affiliate links (learn how here!), the RewardStyle app is a great tool for storing those links on the go. There are literally millions of products you can find and generate a link to.



Planoly is our preferred program for scheduling out Instagram posts. We manage half a dozen accounts every month for clients, and this is how we make it happen! Whether you’re an agency or only planning content for yourself, Planoly is a non-negotiable. For our clients, we schedule out two weeks at a time so they can review and approve content ahed of time. We like to see how a potential photo will interact with our feed, and it helps us maximize engagement by setting our posts to launch at the best times for engagement even if we are busy.



This app schedules out Pinterest Pins and has a really handy loop tool that recycles your top content. Pinterest is a really important form of social media for our interior designers, so posting content efficiently and consistently is a top priority. If you aren’t focusing your marketing efforts on Pinterest, you’re missing out on your top traffic source. Here at IDCO, 42% of our website traffic comes from Pinterest.



If you need to throw together a graphic for Instagram stories or a quick flyer on the go, Over is your new best friend. They offer so many options, so you can keep your social media on brand. Their templates are super high quality (goodbye needing to send out social posts to graphic designers) and we think it’s easier to use than Canva.



You know those pretty Instagram Stories you see with the torn paper edges overlaid? This is how they do it.


Cut Story

If you regularly post videos in your Instagram story, this app is a need. You can post lengthy videos seamlessly without stopping and starting due to the apps time limitations.


Screen Time + App Limits

If you’ve updated to iOS 12, you might have noticed some new options and analytics. You can now access in-depth information about your mobile phone usage. Knowing these patterns can help you schedule your day, limit procrastination, and make more time for focused work and creativity.


Quickbooks Self-Employed

There is a lot to keep up with when you’re running your own business. We love this software and app for tracking expenses, logging mileage, and generate invoices. It’s a great way to maximize your deductions by having a quick and easy way to document everything. Save 50% off using this link!

For reference, we run all of these apps on our iPhone XS Max, for our computers, we use a MacBook Pro with this monitor. If anything here sounds like it would make your life and business better or easier, check into it! Pro tip: don’t download too many apps at once. Allow yourself to get used to using a few new ones before you add more to the mix. Do you have any favorite apps we should add to the list?




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