The Best Beds, Inspired by Designers

I’ve been carefully studying different element of my favorite spaces as we finish out The Austin Tudor. By breaking down spaces into individual elements, I’ve been able to dissect what truly inspires me. Recently, I rounded up my favorite modern lamps and the best marble finds. Today, I’m sharing the best beds, inspired by designers.

The Best Materials for a Designer Bed

It’s all about texture.

As with every investment piece, focus on natural materials. The best materials for a designer bed are going to have natural fibers, creating beautiful texture. As I carefully study the inspiration photos shared herein this post, texture remains a common theme amongst each of them.

At The Austin Tudor, we had four bedrooms to furnish. As our future family home, i wanted to invest wisely in the best beds that would grow with us both stylistically and functionally. Below is a list of the best materials to look for when investing in designer inspired beds:

  • Linen – I’m seeing more and more solid color linen beds, with both the head board and platform upholstered entirely.
  • Rattan or Rush – the natural fibers of rattan or rush beds is a common theme in designers work like Heidi Caillier and Jake Arnold. This is a truly timeless material and will age gracefully.
  • Iron – Definitely the most affordable option of quality bed materials, I particularly love iron beds in guest rooms. Historically, I’ve found iron beds to be a bit squeaky, but the ones sourced below have great reviews and seem a bit sturdier.
The best beds for the designer look
Design by Jake Arnold

Clean Lines & Subtle Curves

An additional key element to look for when sourcing a designer inspired bed is the shape. Clean lines and subtle curves are always the way to go. From a more traditional arch to a sleek scallop, the headboard shape is key. While the profile of the bed frame maters just as much as the material, the curves can be represented in different ways. Channeled or fluting details in the headboard can make a more rectangular shaped bed feel more high-end.

    The best beds for the designer look
    Design by Banda Interiors
    The best beds for the designer look
    Design by Heidi Caillier

    12 Designer Inspired Beds That Are Ready to Ship

    As we wrap up at The Tudor, I needed to select pieces that could ship quickly. For every bed I considered, I book marked it to share here for your reference. The 12 designer inspired beds below are currently all in-stock and ready to ship.

    Save 15% with code Anastasia15
    Save 15% with code Anastasia15
    The best beds for the designer look
    Design by Heidi Caillier
    The best beds for the designer look

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