The Importance of Networking + Workshops

If you follow us here on the blog or on our social media channels, you know how much we value and promote community. Not only is connecting with other industry leaders a smart business move, but it’s also a totally worthwhile investment in yourself and your business. We’ve chatted in-depth about how to foster community within your brand and in online spaces, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of face-to-face networking and continuing education in your field. 

The Importance of Networking + Workshops | Interior Design Workshop | The Identite Collective

Speaking Event hosted by The Scout Guide | Photography: Alison Marlborough


Today, we’re sharing the most compelling reasons to invest your time and money into meet-ups and workshops, but first—a couple of shameless plugs!

Firstly, ICYMI, I have the absolute honor of being selected as a keynote speaker for The Haven Workshop in October! In their words, The Haven Workshop is for “Interior designers and design enthusiasts who are looking to build an intentional brand, expand in knowledge, refine their design skills and grow into successful business owners.” If you could use a three-day getaway that doubles as an educational opportunity that will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed, check out the details here. The first workshop is currently sold out but you can snag a spot on the waitlist for upcoming 2020 workshops here. I’m so excited to be part!


The Importance of Networking + Workshops | Interior Design Workshop branding materials | The Identite Collective

the most gorgeous welcome package from The Brand Stylist for #thebrandstylistretreat I attended in Mallorca


For now, back to our argument for prioritizing in-person networking:



Creating Connections through Networking



There are a thousand reasons you should be reaching out and nurturing relationships with other interior designers, both professional and personal in nature. Having those lines of communication in place gives you potential referrals, a sounding board, and a reliable place to go for relevant advice. Being a small business owner can make you feel so isolated, especially if you work from home, but having other designers and business owners who understand your day-to-day is so comforting. Networking events and business workshops are the perfect forum for meeting those like-minded friends. 



Staying in the Loop



It can be really difficult to keep up with what is going on outside our bubble of location or design style. Spending time at events with a diverse group of people helps you keep an open mind and stay abreast of trends, tools, and techniques. We strongly believe in being life-long learners and always studying our craft. Workshops give you the opportunity to do that and gain a fresh perspective to take home to your clients. 



Promoting Brand Awareness



Aside from your target market, your second priority when it comes to name recognition is your peers. Being well-known and well-liked in your industry is always a positive and leads to opportunities for visibility that you literally cannot buy. Talent is obviously a factor, but a lot of awareness comes from just being present and forming meaningful relationships with those with more experience than you that you can learn from and grow with. 

We know that attending conferences and live events can be a drain on your time and finances, but we have seen the fruits of those investments. It’s so worth it to step back for a few days and take a close look at your business and how you can improve. The friends you will inevitably make are the best possible bonus. 


The Importance of Networking + Workshops | office conference table styling | The Identite Collective

Photography: Madeline Harper


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