How to Give the Perfect Client Gift

How to Give the Perfect Client Gift


’Tis the season for gifting! And if you’re a small, service-driven business like IDCO or any one of our interior design clients, then you have a few extra names on your list this year. A gift and handwritten note is the perfect way to let your clients know how much their support means to you as 2018 comes to a close and plans for 2019 are being slated. It’s also an excellent opportunity to extend your brand experience.


Finding and sending the perfect client gift might sound intimidating, especially during the holiday season rush, but giving back to your customers can be simple with a few guidelines.


Buy Quality Over Quantity


This rule applies to pretty much everything, but here especially. Your clients are going to likely be inundated with gifts over the next several weeks, so keep it simple. Get a high-quality crowd pleaser so that you don’t have to stress over super specific gifts. Get something well-made that will match any style and serve a purpose. Bonus points if you can shop small. Our suggestions: a dish towel, candle, or other luxury home goods like this American made, 100% natural, perfectly fresh candle from Truck and Barter.


How to give the perfect client gift


Be Practical


Minimal is the new black. The New Year is just around the corner, and everyone is organizing and purging. You want your gift to stick around to see 2019. Choose a gift that doesn’t add clutter, serves a purpose, and can be used up or repurposed. A good example is a hand soap in a beautiful dispenser or a candle like the P.F. Candle Co. Terra Soy candle, which can be used as a planter once the candle is used up.


Don’t Forget Aesthetics


Keep your brand and audience in mind as you shop for holiday gifts. Think about what will complement the colors and textures of your branded collateral that will accompany the gift, like stationery and shipping materials. We have heavily emphasized practicality, but buying a gift that is pleasing to the eye is equally as important.


Make it Personal


Even if you buy all your clients the same thing, you have an opportunity to make it personal. Our recommendation is to hand pick one or two beautiful items to gift all of your clients and include a handwritten note on branded stationery. The time and effort it takes is so worth the payoff for your professional relationships!


We all find ourselves busy at the holidays, but making time to send out gifts for clients shows that you really value them and the role they played in your success this year. It’s also a fun opportunity to reflect on all the people that were willing to invest in your services and allow you to do what you love.


How to give the perfect client gift

Client Gifts are Year Round


These tips can all be applied to year-round gifting at the end of big projects or for client referrals.  A gift is such a thoughtful way to say thank you and celebrate your partnership. It ends the project on a high note and extends the client experience just one step further.


The examples above are all great choices for gifts anytime, but gifts throughout the year might allow you a little more time and mental capacity to buy something truly thoughtful and personalized. For our interior designers, we recommend a linen album of professionally-shot photos of the home project (we love Artifact Uprising) or a throw blanket, piece of art, etc., that completes their recently finished design. If you’re a graphic or web designer, we recommend gifting your clients with a high-quality printed brand style guide.


Gifting to the people who make your small business work can be so fun. I hope this post inspires you to buy thoughtful gifts during the holidays and beyond! Already missed your holiday shipping deadline? We LOVE New Year gifts for clients. It’s a great point-of-contact as people gear up for a new year of business. We’ve rounded up a few favorites below:



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  1. LOVE the idea of giving your clients a printed brand style guide, as a graphic designer doing the gifting…do you recommend printing the Style Guide through a particular company (like Blurb)?? What do you do with IDCO clients?







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