The Quickest Way to Grow Your Instagram Audience

As a creative agency focused on branding, web design and Instagram management, we know all too well the importance of a strong social media footprint. That presence not only involves producing branded original content but sending that content off into the Instagram world to be liked, commented on and regrammed. With over 500 million daily users on Instagram, sharing images is a significant part of the platform and a great way to get more eyes on your work. We’re going to walk you through the reasons why others reposting your work is not only fantastic for community engagement but one of the best ways to grow your audience.

The Quickest Way to Grow Your Instagram Audience | Modern rustic dining room | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: @nicoledavisinteriors | Chair collaboration with @beckiowens



The Benefit of More Eyes on Your Content


One of the main benefits of others sharing your work is the ability to grow your audience. It is one of the quickest ways to increase your followers. Consider it organic marketing. When you have more eyes on your content, that means more chances to capture potential clients and gain followers that are genuinely interested in your brand.

It goes like this – if an Instagram user shares your image, the chances are their style is in keeping with your brand. Thus their followers are most likely your target audience. That’s a win-win.


Utilize Relevant Hashtags


Another great way to grow your audience is through the use of hashtags. They can help you gain exposure, attract the right clients and promote the sharing of your original images. By carefully curating a list of hashtags that target your ideal follower, you will gain new viewers and inevitably, more sharing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best hashtags for interior designers and how to craft the perfect list, check out our how-to on hashtag curation. We also have tips on creating a brand hashtag here.


The Quickest Way to Grow Your Instagram Audience | #IDCOatHome Instagram feed | The Identite Collective



Instagram Etiquette + Image Sharing


When it comes to sharing others work, there are a few best practices to follow. These include properly crediting and tagging images and you know we’ve got a post for that! Read all about our Instagram etiquette here. It provides a great run-down of how to correctly regram.

Should you find your work is being shared without proper credit, we find that leaving a comment on the post saying “thanks so much for sharing our project” goes a long way. It makes people feel good when you interact and engage with their feed.  We then follow this up with a friendly DM. We have a template message ready to go for this specific instance.


Instagram Crediting Template

“Thank you so much for sharing our work on your feed today! It’s such an honor. Would you mind please tagging our photographer and us @_______ in the caption + image so we can better connect with your followers? Thank you so much!”


For details on regramming other people’s work, check out our post on Instagram etiquette.

The Quickest Way to Grow Your Instagram Audience | Modern subway tile and marble blonde wood kitchen | The Identite Collective

Styling: @studiomcgee | photography: @lucycall | design: @wdesigncollective@jamiebellessa


We love a good case study, and Studio McGee is the perfect example of a  beloved brand that embraces content sharing and has had amazing platform growth. They are undoubtedly one of the most regrammed designers on Instagram and ALWAYS let people share their work and do so graciously. Not only that, but they take the time to like the posts and engage with reposters. It’s one of the key steps they’ve used to grow their Instagram so rapidly.

All in all, learning how to embrace the regram, and share your work with the Instagram community can grow your audience in a very organic way.  This will ultimately lead to a broader audience and more potential clients finding your work.



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