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Kitchen trends are ever changing, but one detail that seems to be in it for the long haul is the use of open shelving. It’s a well loved staple in the design world and with good reason. Not only does it open up a space with an airy aesthetic but it also offers a wealth of styling possibilities. Hence why #shelfie is a mainstay in our hashtag lexicon.

And now, that open shelving look is getting a fresh spin. What was once a style designated to wood or white floating shelves, is now expanding into a whole new genre of possibilities. We’re seeing the introduction of new materials like glass and metal framing and unique applications including ceiling mounts and placement in front of windows. There is even the single shelf look perfect for lovers of minimalism.

Interior Design: Lindsey Brooke Design  | Photography: Amy Bartlam


So while we will always love the look of a classic floating shelf like that of Lindsey Brooke’s version above, these newest kitchen shelving trends are definitely taking over Instagram feeds near and far. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples below. What do you think? Yay or nay to this design trend? We vote yay all the way.



Glass Shelving



Glass shelving provides a beautiful solution to the want for open space vs. “I really need storage” dilemma. Not only is this trend great for smaller kitchens, but it is fully on board the open and airy train. Playing beautifully with metal hardware, it gives some serious French Bistro vibes which is a major bonus.

Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | glass and brass bistro kitchen shelving | The Identite Collective

 Interior Design: The Fox Group 


Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | modern white kitchen with glass shelving | The Identite Collective

via The Haven List  | Interior Design: Studio Life/Style | Photography: Stephen Busken



Metal Framed Shelving



Much like the black metal windows or framework shower doors, this design look infuses a space with an industrial nod while still maintaining a super chic and polished approach to shelving. From brass, to black metal framing, it’s a look that fits both modern and classic design styles.

Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | black metal frame kitchen cabinets | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Studio Life/Style 


Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | glass and metal kitchen shelving | The Identite Collective

 Interior Design: Coco & Jack | Photography: Cameron St. Visual Storytelling



One Single Shelf



Perfect for the minimalist, and Marie Kondo approved, the one shelf kitchen design forces us to pair down and display only those things that we absolutely need and/or adore. Streamline the look with a sea of white dishes or display your favorite artwork.

Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | wood kitchen cabinetry with single shelf | The Identite Collective

 Interior Design: Studio McGee  | Photography: Monica Wang


Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | light gray and white kitchen with brass accents | The Identite Collective

via SMP Living  | Interior Design: Pencil & Paper Co. | Photography: Leslee Mitchell


Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | Modern marble and navy kitchen design | The Identite Collective

via @eyeswoon | Interior Design: Athena Calderone | Photography: Sarah Elliot



Color Matching the Kitchen Cabinetry



Floating shelves in wood tones or painted white are a staple in kitchen design. But with a new crop of painted shelving, we’re seeing a wealth of color. Opting for dark, saturated hues or paint colors that match the kitchen cabinetry provides a seamless and streamlined look.

Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | black kitchen design | The Identite Collective

via The Design Files | Photography: Sean Fennessy



Shelving In Front of Windows



If you have a need for storage and are wanting loads of natural light, this trend of placing shelving in front of windows is a great solution. Consider it kitchen shelves with a view. The shelves allow light to pour into your home while still giving you plenty of storage space.

Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | Classic wood and navy kitchen design | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Katie Hackworth | Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck


Trending: The New Look of Kitchen Shelving | Modern marble and white kitchen | The Identite Collective

via @jennykeenandesign | Interior Design: Jenny Keenan Design | Photography: Julia Lynn


Are you in classic floating shelf camp or are you itching to try out one of these trends? Be sure to follow along with the #IDCOatHome Instagram feed for even more interior design and home inspiration and show us how you are styling your kitchen shelves.

And for more design inspiration, check out our interview with Shea McGee of Studio McGee, a Wine Country Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal, and an Austin Home Tour chock full of shelfie inspiration.






Erin Lepperd is an interior designer – turned digital media editor with a penchant for breathtaking interiors. When she’s not gabbing about design, you’ll find her wrangling her wild and wonderful 5 year old twins, brunching like it’s her job and exploring the wilds of New England as a California transplant. Spoiler alert…Boston is cold + incredibly charming. 


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    So much inspiration in one place pulled together in only the way Erin can! Gorgeous post!

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    The best roundup of open shelving! Love seeing Erin on the IDCO team, such a talented babe!

  3. Mia Stewart says:

    I like how it said that glass shelving gives a French bistro vibe. I love France and French styles in my home. I will look into getting glass shelving.

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