Weekly Menu Plan: Valentine’s Day Edition

Like every holiday over the past twelve months, this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities might need a little tweaking. Rather than visiting our favorite restaurants and movie theaters, we’re planning to switch things up by bringing the date night experience to our home kitchens. To map out the menu, we’ve enlisted the help of our favorite food bloggers, who wow us with their creativity time and time again. We’ll start with a simple cheese board, go all-out on the entrees, and finish the meal with a drool-worthy dessert. And because every date night deserves a great cocktail, we’re making Pink Grapefruit Greyhounds to celebrate Valentine’s in style.





Cheese Board for Two by Broma Bakery for a Valentine's Day Menu.

recipe & photo via Broma Bakery


Cheese Board for Two


A great cheese board is pretty much mandatory for any date night experience. This one from Broma Bakery is made just for two with portion sizes that won’t accidentally spoil your dinner. Start by selecting your cheeses, layer up the grains (crusty bread, crackers, etc.), and lastly, add in the fun stuff. Think grapes, olives, nuts, salami, and the like. The best part? Cheese boards are so easy to customize to both you or your partner’s tastes or dietary needs. 




Red Wine Braised Short Ribs by Half Baked Harvest for a Valentine's Day Menu.

recipe & photo via Half Baked Harvest


Red Wine Braised Short Ribs


Next on the Valentine’s Day menu, it’s all about the entrees. First up, we have these incredible short ribs from Half Baked Harvest slow cooked with red wine and herbs. Keep in mind that this recipe is time-consuming—as in, you want it to cook in the oven for about three hours. But, the end result is a meal so delicious you’ll remember it for years to come. Serve it with potatoes, polenta, or any side you love.


Vegan Mushroom Alfredo for a Valentine's Day Menu.

recipe & photo via Delish Knowledge


Vegan Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo


If you or your significant other are looking for a plant-based Valentine’s meal, this recipe is for you. It’s a creamy, dreamy pasta featuring a sauce made of blended cashews and nutritional yeast for that classic “Alfredo” taste. The mushrooms add bulk to your plate and deliver tons of flavor with the addition of balsamic vinegar. Top it off with freshly cracked pepper, some chopped Italian parsley, and you’re set. 


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Skillet Dark Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookie by Inspired With a Twist for a Valentine's Day dessert.

recipe & photo via Inspired With a Twist


Skillet Dark Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookie


What’s better than a dark chocolate chip cookie? One that’s made in a cast iron skillet, of course. It’s such a fun way to do a date night dessert with no baking sheets required. The dark chocolate and espresso bring a to-die-for flavor combination, with ooey, gooey cookie goodness in every single bite. Just add two spoons, a dollop of ice cream, and you’ve got a date night win.



Blood Orange Ricotta Cake by Sweet & Sorrel for a Valentine's Day dessert.

recipe & photo via Sweet & Sorrel


Blood Orange Ricotta Cake


Whether you’re gluten-free or just want a non-chocolate dessert, this sweet ricotta cake checks the box. First, you’ll want to pick up blood and cara cara oranges, both of which bring such a bright citrus flavor. Next, focus on the ricotta cake that comes together super quickly in a stand mixer. You’ll bake this for about an hour, invert onto a serving plate, and enjoy.




Thyme & Pink Grapefruit Greyhounds by Freutcake for a Valentine's Day cocktail.

recipe & photo via Freutcake


Thyme & Pink Grapefruit Greyhounds


While this cocktail might feel decidedly feminine, it’s also perfectly suited for any Valentine’s Day menu. Leah of Freutcake shows us how to reinvent the classic greyhound cocktail with a much more festive twist. The key ingredients? Vodka, grapefruit juice, thyme simple syrup (she’ll teach you how to make it), and fresh sprigs of thyme. Cheers to love!





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