What is Website Template Implementation?

When we decided to roll out our limited-release templates, we had a few non-negotiable priorities; the templates had to be ideal for interior designers, a refined backdrop for preexisting branding, and as user-friendly as possible. With that in mind, we brainstormed a list of must-have features and a menu of a la carte services that would make the process totally seamless for anyone, no matter how much time you want to contribute.

While all template clients receive a collection of thorough tutorials for getting their website in working order, some prefer a more turnkey experience. That’s why we offer services like custom branding, copywriting, and website template implementation for interior designers. When you purchase website template implementation (without the other add-on services), your only task is filling out a digital questionnaire with the components that will fill your site—branding, copy, and images. This should only take 3-4 hours to complete. From there, the IDCO team takes over and within two weeks, we turn your submitted elements and selected template into an expertly crafted website.


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Here’s the full breakdown of what template implementation entails:


Applying Your Branding

We begin by tweaking the template to reflect your brand characteristics—your logo and marks, fonts, and color palette. 


Installing + Laying Out Your Submitted Copy

We take your raw copy and place it in the appropriate pages and sections. As you’ll see from scrolling our templates, the text boxes within the design are certain sizes for visual purposes. We lay out your text in a way that fits within the aesthetic constraints, with your priorities and SEO in mind. Then, we edit our design to fit your text perfectly.


Uploading + Placing Images Throughout The Template

We take the images you submit and place them in the spots we recommend based on quality, composition, and relevance.


Uploading Portfolio Projects

Our team uploads your portfolio photos, sorting them into projects accompanied by your submitted descriptions.


Customizing Your Contact Forms

We apply your brand imagery and voice (as well as the practical details of your business) to contact and inquiry forms.


Implement Standard SEO And Cross Links

We make your site + images easy to find on search engines.


Transfer + Upload 3 Blog Posts

If you have an existing blog, we will transfer over three posts to have in place for site launch. If you don’t, we will upload the images and copy you send over with an expert touch.


Make Any Necessary Design Refinements

If you’ve ever used a template before, you know that the most frustrating part can be the details you have to perfect at the end—sizing your logo, making sure the text and images are balanced, checking links, and correcting any errors. Our team does all of that—and more—so that your site is exactly what you envisioned when you purchased your template.


Just as a reminder, template implementation does not include custom branding for interior designers or copywriting, although we do offer those services as add-ons as well.

If you’ve been on the fence about a site template because you aren’t sure you’re tech-savvy enough or that you have the time to customize each page + section, consider letting us take over. We will perfect your site so that you are launch ready with only a few hours of work on your end. Not sure which template is right for you? Take our website template quiz and let us point you in the right direction.

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