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We’ve reached that point in the month where summertime is officially ON. Heat waves are rolling through the country, garden beds are blooming everywhere, and we all want meals that play up the fresh flavors of the season. More often than not, the grill is our cooking method of choice, so we’ve rounded up recipes that come together with the most minimal stovetop use.

This week’s meal plan includes everything from a summery take on chicken curry to a five-ingredient foil packet to a hibiscus iced tea you’ll want to sip on all day long. Plus, there may or may not be a dessert-worthy popsicle recipe in the mix for good measure. As they say, it’s all about balance.




recipe & photo via Freutcake


Mahi Mango Fish Tacos


You should know that fish tacos are our love language, and Leah of Freutcake’s mahi-mahi mango version now tops the favorites list. This meal plan recipe works with fresh or frozen fillets, and it’s everything your dinner lineup needs. Skip the oven and throw your fillets right on the grill, and don’t even think about skipping out on the cabbage slaw.


recipe & photo via Pinch of Yum


The LA Chop


When salad is on the dinner menu, it has to bring its A-game. Luckily, the LA chop combines crunch, flavor, and freshness, with additions of salami and chickpeas to make it feel like a complete meal. For anyone cutting back on meat, just nix the salami and pile on some extra chickpeas for an easy vegetarian version. 


recipe & photo via Skinnytaste


BBQ Chicken Foil Packets


Okay, here’s the deal on this recipe. It’s the meal plan option you make on those nights when your brain cannot handle taking on another task. We’re talking five ingredients, easy assembly, and basically zero cleanup. Just let the grill work its magic you’re left with a meal that’s both healthy and satisfying. Garnish with some pretty fresh parsley, and you’ve got an instantly elevated dinner situation.


recipe & photo via Half Baked Harvest


Spicy Coconut Basil Chicken Curry with Garden Vegetables


You know all those fresh herbs taking over your backyard garden? This is their time to shine. Pair those beautiful flavors with a sampling of summer veggies, chicken breast or thighs, creamy coconut milk, and traditional Indian spices, and you have a curry dish with a summertime twist. Don’t be intimidated by the long ingredient list because this weeknight meal comes together way easier than you’d think.






recipe & photo via Love & Lemons

Roasted Radishes


Who among us doesn’t have at least a dozen radishes sitting in their fridge with no idea what to do? This recipe from Love & Lemons is a rather genius solution that works as a snack, side dish, or anything in between. A combination of olive oil, sea salt, and fresh lemon juice work wonders and will make these your favorite summer veggie.





recipe & photo via A Classic Twist



Strawberry Coconut Cheesecake Popsicles


If you’ve ever assumed popsicles aren’t for grown-ups, this cheesecake-inspired version will make you fully reconsider. Plus, it comes together with a surprisingly small list of ingredients, most of which are likely already in your kitchen. Save this dessert for an especially hot day and it’s certain to become the highlight of your week.





recipe & photo via Sweet Potato Soul


Hibiscus Elderberry Ginger Tea


If you’re ready to mix up your (daytime) drink routine with something other than La Croix, this flavorful tea is just the ticket. Jenne of Sweet Potato Soul put together this recipe that’s so much better than any plain jane iced tea with just a touch of sweetness that you can easily adjust. The only catch is getting your hands on dried hibiscus and elderberries, but a quick swing through the natural foods section of your local grocery store (or better yet, online order) should do the trick.



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