IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

Weekly Meal Plan + Shopping List

It has been a really emotional week for our country. We hope this weekly meal plan and shopping list make it a little easier for you as you process. This week’s meal plan has a more simple shopping list, with healthy choices light on meat and heavy on veggies. Think lots of citrus, summer veggies and and a little bit of sweetness. I have included some favorites (Mexican shrimp cocktail), and some new recipes I’m excited to try this week.


I’m hoping my lemons will be ready to pick this week for the Lemon Swirl Rolls. Our herb garden is a little overgrown right now, so it will be gladly trimmed for garnishing this week. My goal this week is to super focused on improving the diversity of content here on the blog, getting some extra Vitamin D, and eating more carefully. There’s only so much we can control right now, and a more thoughtful diet is one of them.


weeknight menu favorites


IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe & image via Half Baked Harvest


garden greens harvest pizza

Quinn is obsessed with pizza and could eat it every night. For some reason it isn’t my favorite (I’m not into sandwiches either… which he finds very weird). In an effort to eat less meat, while still making Quinn feel satisfied, I thought this veggie based pizza was the perfect compromise. Pesto is always our favorite and a nice swap from expected marinara. The crispy kale and sweet summer squash make for a filling and satisfying combo – no meat needed. *note: I know yeast has been hard to come by, but ready to roll pizza dough is an awesome alternative.



IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe and image via grandbaby cakes


marinated spatchcock chicken

It hasn’t been as hot here in Austin lately, so we’ve been grilling more than we expected as we enter June. It keeps the house cooler and makes us enjoy our yard a little more. Jocelyn’s recipe for marinated, grilled spatchock chicken combines all my favorite flavors; citrus, herbs and spice. Your butcher will cut your chicken spatchock style for you. If you’re doing it yourself, kitchen sheers work perfectly for cutting along the spine. I’m making this tomorrow with a side of watermelon and arugula salad.


IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe & image via Wonky Wonderful


Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Fact: this is one of my favorite summer comfort foods. Growing up in Los Angeles, my friends’ moms would make this for us after playing in the pool all day. The acid/sugar/spice pair perfectly with the creaminess of the avocado and shrimp. I’ll even make a large batch of it, store it in glass tupperware, and bring it to the office for lunch. Serve it with fresh cilantro, a lot of lime juice and saltine crackers.


IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe & image via This Wife Cooks


spaghetti with brussels sprouts & bread crumbs

We’re really trying to cut back on our meat consumption and veggie pasta is the way to do it. This dish is technically vegan, yet it feels 100% satisfying. This dish doesn’t have to be vegan, either – swap for your fave parmesan reggiano for that crisp, creamy bite we love so much. Make this in less than 20 minutes for the perfect mid-week meal.


weekly menu extras




IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe & image via Whisk It Real Gud

asian cucumber & carrot salad

Yes, I know – we get it. I am obsessed with cucumbers and anything remotely pickled. This salad is the perfect accompaniment this week’s chicken recipe, but stands alone as a killer lunch, too. So many of you are growing your own veggies this summer (jealous), and this is the perfect way to use up some of that harvest. Aprils version has all the contrasting flavors we love so much, making it perfect to beat the heat.




IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe & image by Butter Be Ready


Lemon Sweet Rolls

I am READY for these. Bring on all the lemon, all the sweetness, all the flaky doughy goodness that brunch should be. A new find, Quin, is a must follow for her gorgeous photography and super easy to follow recipes.




IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

recipe & image via Eating with Erica


Cucumber Watermelon Sangria

This may be the prettiest drink out there and it’s perfect for backyard grilling (see Tuesdays’ meal plan). I’m not a big drinker in general, but something this refreshing is perfect to spice up our at-home date nights as of late. Erica’s recipe is meant to make ahead, which means I don’t have to be fumbling over figuring out drinks when it’s time to eat.


IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List IDCO's summer Weekly Menu + Shopping List

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