What Our Instagram Management Services Look Like

As a full-service creative studio for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands, we are in the business of social media and know all too well how important this extension of your brand is.  We also know how time-consuming it can be. When you are busy running a business, fueling your creativity, honing your craft, AND generating revenue, social media often takes a back seat. Understandably! This is where our social media services come in to play. We provide interior designers complete Instagram management – creating a quality following around your brand and establishing meaningful relationships that convert to clients. Here is an overview of the scope of our Instagram services:

  • Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Portfolio Image Curation
  • Regram Photo Curation
  • Caption Copywriting
  • Post Scheduling
  • Content Posting
  • Hashtag Strategy +Implementation
  • Daily Engagement Sessions
  • Daily Comment Responding


There’s so much more that goes into the process beyond this list. In addition to our monthly Instagram management services, we offer our clients Pinterest management as well. Inquire here to see if we’re a good fit! Today we’re going to break down exactly what our Instagram management services entail so that you can see what your investment includes and how IDCO can help to elevate your digital presence.


What Our Instagram Management Services Look Like | Social Media Management | The Identite Collective

What Our Instagram Management Services Look Like | Social Media Management | The Identite Collective



A Deep Dive into Our Instagram Management



Time Commitment 

We have a 6-month minimum commitment for Instagram management. This allows us enough time to really implement your customized growth strategy, engage your community and track the results. After 6 months, your contract rolls over to month-to-month until you cancel with 30 days notice.


Getting Started

Once we’ve decided we’re a good fit, we’ll send you a contract and your one-time setup fee invoice. This reserves your project start date, as well as covers the hours of market research, project strategy, and editorial planning the IDCO Studio team puts in before your contract even begins. 


Streamlining Communication

Next up, we’ll send a detailed digital questionnaire walking you through the priorities, goals and current status of your Instagram account. From here, our team takes that info and creates a shared project management board on Trello. This is where we’ll have all our communications continuing through the project. Trello not only frees up your inbox, but it ensures our entire team has access to all communications, project files, etc. to execute your brand vision to its fullest paired with our industry experience.


Compiling a Photo Bank

You will provide access to your approved portfolio project images, all organized in a Dropbox folder. This will be our “stock photo bank” that we will pull from when curating your Instagram grid. Upon evaluation of your project questionnaire, we’ll decide if we want to sprinkle in any inspiration pictures or regrams from other accounts. This varies for everyone – there’s no right or wrong answer. Some clients will do a combination of 30% regram pictures mixed with their own content and others utilize 100% of their own work. It’s totally up to you and what feels right for your brand. Either way, our team guarantees to always properly source and credit inspiration images – photographers, designers and builders included.



What Our Instagram Management Services Look Like | Social Media Management | The Identite Collective

Content Outline

After we carefully review your Instagram Management questionnaire, our team will carefully craft a running editorial outline for your account. This is a general breakdown of both visual content and caption theme. This keeps your grid consistent and allows a subtle, but impactful running editorial throughout your feed. Above is an example for a client, but each one is custom to your account’s goals and target market.

Posting Cadence

We’ll be posting 6 days a week for you, typically leaving Saturdays blank due to lower engagement. Some of our clients like to use Saturday as their free day to post their own content and some just leave it as an off day.


Your Personal Team

You’ll be assigned both an account manager and community manager who will work as a team with Anastasia to plan, write, and schedule your content. In addition, your team will add custom hashtags at a designated time after posting (helping to hack the dreaded algorithm), respond to comments daily and spend 15-30 minutes each day doing outbound likes and comments.


The Review Process

If you are an interior designer, we’ll prepare 2 weeks’ worth of content at a time for your review. This keeps things fresh + timely, while still bulk scheduling so there is an intentional narrative woven throughout. You’ll receive a digital approval form (here is a live example) that shows you your proposed grid, your content outline, each individual photo, proposed posting date and proposed caption. Then you’ll simply select approved or revision submitted. There is a handy text box where you’ll put your final caption (revisions included) so our team can copy and paste any changes you wanted. 


Understanding Your Brand 

On average, our clients submit 2-3 edits per 2-week presentation. We’ve worked really hard to understand our client’s business, process, style, and voice. We want this partnership to be rewarding. By taking Instagram management off your plate, it will allow you to get back to doing what you’re hired to do – designing beautiful spaces!


What Our Instagram Management Services Look Like | Social Media Management | The Identite Collective


What Our Instagram Management Services Look Like | Social Media Management | The Identite Collective


Instagram Management Services for Interior Designers

Through our Instagram Management, we identify your brand’s authentic voice. Every creative has an original story and a unique identity and we want that to come through in your social media. Our team will work to craft a customized strategy to seek out and connect with your target audience. From a unique growth plan and implementation to daily engagement sessions, our monthly Instagram services let you focus on the parts of your business that fuel your vitality.


This service, paired with our monthly Pinterest management has become one of our most sought-after packages at IDCO Studio. By working with a creative agency that knows the interior design industry, we’re able to take what we’ve learned from other accounts, tweak it and apply it to yours. When one of us rises, we lift each other up.




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