What to Do When Instagram Goes Down



Instagram goes down, now what?



Because IDCO manages over a dozen Instagram clients, we kept a close eye on tech boards for any and all updates on the outage. Across the board, (pun intended) people were unreasonably outraged. One commenter said, “Instagram has been down for two hours – my business is failing because of you”. This begs the question, would your Interior Design business fail without Instagram?


How to Diversify Your Marketing Outside of Instagram | Computer Home Office | The Identite Collective

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This social media hiccup proves that it is imperative to diversify your marketing strategy and break away from the Instagram-only model. You don’t own your Instagram contacts. The only list you truly own is your personal mailing list and it’s worth its weight in gold. Thus, it is key to focus on growing that audience.

Here are some key steps to diversify your marketing and broaden your audience, so your business can thrive long after Instagram goes down.



How to Diversify Your Marketing Outside of Instagram



Add a subscribe link to your “link in bio”

Use a service like Linktree or have your web designer create a custom Instagram landing page with multiple links to different pages on your site. This will drive viewers to your website and help grow your mailing list.


Incentivize signups for your mailing list

By hosting an Instagram giveaway using a platform like ShortStack, you can to obtain email addresses and increase your mailing list.


Invest more time and resources into Pinterest

We get nine times the web traffic via Pinterest than we do Instagram. That is a huge jump and one that should be invested in. It’s a platform worth putting energy into to capture a larger audience. We previously discussed optimizing your portfolio for Pinterest. Click here to read.


How to Diversify Your Marketing Outside of Instagram | Pinterest Business Page | The Identite Collective


Claim your site on Pinterest

Speaking of Pinterest, to ensure your content will always lead back to you and only you, claim your site. Here are easy instructions on how to do so.


Update your information on Google

if Instagram went down and someone needed to search for you, could they find your info accurately in Google? Make sure all of your info is up to date and correct in case someone needs to search for you.


Make sure you are tracking your leads

Any inquiry that comes in via our site is added to our list (with the proper disclaimer). These are your MOST valuable contacts.


How to Diversify Your Marketing Outside of Instagram | Computer Office Flatlay | The Identite Collective

Photography: Madeline Harper


Marketing existed long before Instagram and chances are, it will outlive the social media platform as we learn to diversify and move the needle in other ways. In fact, use blackouts like Wednesday as the perfect opportunity to send a newsletter. Engagement will be higher than ever since no one will be scrolling their feed. And remember, you are worth so much MORE than your Instagram presence. Your business exists outside of it, and so should your resources. Implement these steps to help grow that potential client list and never freak out about another blackout again.





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