What to Include in Your Interior Design Inquiry Form

On average, an interior designer books only 15% of the projects that initially inquire. That leaves an incredible amount of time wasted each week responding to inquiries that aren’t a good fit. Much of that can be resolved with a better inquiry process. Finding the perfect clients is about collecting as much information upfront as possible, while immediately setting expectations. Having a great interior design inquiry form can help streamline your process. After working with dozens of interior designers from around the world, we’ve compiled just what to include in your interior design inquiry form.

A combination of specific questions and strategic questionnaire formatting provide the guidance and answers potential clients are looking for, while also setting expectations for how your business works. Below, you’ll find our recommendation for what to include in your interior design inquiry form. Pay close attention to the TYPE of question we provide, as it helps shape the way it is answered.


What to Include in Your Interior Design Inquiry Form | modern eclectic living room | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt



What to Include in Your Interior Design Inquiry Form



The Basics


  • Client Name – First + Last in a separate field. When using our preferred software for interior design businesses, they format your client names in separate fields. Save yourself the trouble of reformatting later by setting your inquiry form up like this.


  • Email – So you can add them to your mailing list, and have a point of contact moving forward. In general, we like to keep all our client communications via email to ensure we have everything documented. After the initial phone consultations, everything else stays in our client management system. By only collecting an email address upfront, it sets expectations for how communications will continue through your project together.


The Specifics


  • Services Interested In – Checkboxes listing only the services you offer. For interior designers, this usually breaks down to E-Design, Full Service Interior Design, and Full-Service Design + Project Management. By only providing the service packages you offer, you can eliminate projects too small or too large for your liking. It also helps establish a level of professionalism that you have set services, and are an expert at exactly those.


  • List of Rooms to Design – This can be a type in field, or you can provide a multiple-choice list of rooms for them to select from. Depending on the scale of your business, you may want to up-sell your e-design services to include more rooms than the client originally thought of. However, if you only work with full home renovations and design projects, a type in field will be more appropriate.


  • Goals for the Space – This should be a free response field where your clients can share their ultimate vision.


  • Project Timeline – You could set an estimated completion date or a dropdown with timeline options. Then you can provide a more accurate timeline in your follow up communications.



Design & Home of: The Identite Collective  |  Photography: Madeline Harper


Their Style


  • Describe Your Style – This is a perfect place to get a feel for the client and their project. If they want a cool, California casual vibe, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for certain adjectives in this free-response field. This is where you ensure your inquires are the best fit for you and your signature style.


  • Colors – We prefer this to be a multiple-choice option, where clients can select a general color scheme for the project.


  • Where Do You Shop – Asking for some of their favorite home decor and furniture stores helps understand their taste and preferred price point.



The Space


  • Favorite Parts of the Space – Let’s hear what they love about the space! This should be a free response field.


  • What are the Challenges of the Space – Find out what’s not working. It may just be time for an update, or there could be issues with how the room is (or isn’t) functioning.


What to Include in Your Interior Design Inquiry Form | black soaking tub | The Identite Collective


Interior Design and Photography: Studio McGee



The Money


  • Budget – Set this up as a drop-down field! If you have a minimum project budget, don’t include any options below that minimum. That way, inquiries understand what you’re willing to work with, without it being spelled out on the website. Make sure this field clearly asks for their total project budget, including furniture, decor and design fees.



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    Filling out a form or questionnaire about your project is typically the first step when you’re ready to start working with an interior designer. This aids the designer in understanding your project’s goals, budget, and schedule. Some essential details to include in your inquiry are listed below: – Your contact details (name, email, phone number) – A brief summary of the project (what rooms need to be designed, what is the overall objective) – Your project budget – Your project’s schedule (by when do you need it finished? – Any specific design elements or styles that you find appealing – Any additional pertinent information that will aid the designer in understanding your needs







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