Why Blogs are Key to Your Design Business

In a world driven by Instagram feeds and other social media platforms, is there still a role for blogs to play in your brand development? The answer is a hard YES and here’s why.

While social media platforms all play a crucial role in marketing your creative business, none have the power to optimize your SEO, build out a robust affiliate link program or craft evergreen content quite like that of a blog. So before you consider going all in on an Instagram-only marketing strategy, read up on the main reasons we are pro-blog for your design brand.



Search Engine Optimization; A.K.A. SEO



One of the significant advantages of blogging is the benefits it brings to your website’s SEO ranking. By crafting consistent blog posts with quality content relevant to your audience, you are helping your website rank higher in search engine results. That is huge for attracting prospective customers. Because interior designers are a service based industry, it’s still incredibly important to perform well on search engines outside of Instagram. This ranking is especially true when your ideal client likely isn’t deeply invested in the interior design Instagram community. That’s why they are hiring you!


Why Blogs are Key to Your Design Business | modern white kitchen | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Lindsey Brooke Design | Photography: Amy Bartlam




Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Links



We previously discussed the benefits of affiliate links hereIf you haven’t already, check out this excellent resource for the how and why of RewardStyle and other programs that offer a commission for curated product links.

As an interior designer, you can easily incorporate product roundups and project reveals on your blog to utilize affiliate links. These product-based blog posts not only give your readers answers to all of their source questions but they are a simple way to earn more of a passive income than you would with social media alone.


Why Blogs are Key to Your Design Business | modern white kitchen | The Identite Collective




Crafting Evergreen Content



In the fast-paced world of social media, an Instagram post has a lifespan of 72 hours. That is but a blip in comparison to a blog post which lives on your site forever. The power of everlasting content is invaluable. You can quickly update the publish date on your blog, and that post is once again at the top of your feed. Thus evergreen content remains relevant and will continue to be so long after you hit publish. Not only does this help your longterm SEO strategy, but this gives more opportunity for lead generation. If the content remains relevant, people will continue to link to and share that blog post.


Why Blogs are Key to Your Design Business | Spanish modern entryway | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Lexi Westergard Design | Photography: John Woodcock



A Great Tool for Explaining Processes



IDCO has had seven clients book our services after reading our process post and deciding it was time to hire us. That’s a massive win from one blog post alone. Using your blog to market your business and thoughtfully explain your processes is an easy way to show potential clients what you can offer them. Interior design goes so far beyond a beautifully appointed space. Through your blog, you can explain how your processes set you apart from the competition. IDCO client and interior designer Lexi Westergard recently published her full design process, and it’s a great example of utilizing a long-form blog post to attract future clients.


Why Blogs are Key to Your Design Business | living room with dark navy builtins | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Lexi Westergard Design | Photography: John Woodcock



If you’ve ever questioned the importance of a blog, let these key takeaways convince you that blogs are incredibly crucial to your business strategy. By crafting your blog posts to incorporate these four concepts, you will help to grow your audience and potential clients in a way that no social media channel can do on its own.  





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