Why Your Interior Design Brand Needs a Media Kit

Traditionally, media kits or press kits were used by businesses and events to present packaged information to media representatives like journalists and broadcasters. It was comprised of documents that answered FAQs and showcased the business or event in the best possible light. If you’re not part of that world, you might not be totally familiar with media kits or why your interior design brand needs one—especially if you aren’t regularly covered by media outlets (yet).

As markets become more saturated and pressure rises for brands to be more than just a nice logo, there has become a need for a way to package and present a brand’s story and practical information in a way that is professional, convenient, and eye-catching. Enter the media kit. Just as with the kits of old, these documents showcase the best version of your brand like an in-depth resumé. Unlike the original, the modern media kit serves a wider audience. In fact, a well-crafted media kit will become one of the most versatile and often used tools in your marketing arsenal.

Still not convinced? Here are three uses for an expert media kit in your interior design business + a breakdown of what to include in yours.


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Media Opportunities


We covered this above, but press use was the original use of the traditional media kit. You might be thinking, “I have a small business that hasn’t been covered by any media outlets.” If that’s the case, you know what would increase your chances exponentially? Having a gorgeous media kit you can send to websites, blogs, and magazines that you hope to see your work in. If you are still getting started, don’t wait on media opportunities to come to you. Reach out to smaller publications and sites that share your values in the most professional way possible—a media kit that gives them all the information they need about your brand, story, and projects. They will appreciate the time you have saved them by giving them all your information in a pre-packaged document so you don’t have to e-mail back and forth for days.



Collaborations + Partnerships


So, so much of today’s advertising and business growth happens through collaborations and partnerships, particularly on social media. If you’re hoping to work with more experienced designers, to collaborate with other creatives, or to partner with your favorite businesses for sponsored posts, you NEED a media kit. You need a good one, too, because the competition is intense. If you don’t have a high follower count, a well-designed media kit can make all the difference in the world. This version of your media kit (more on that soon) should have a sheet outlining your social media performance—follower count, post frequency, and previous projects. Only highlight your best numbers, but be honest and let your amazing design work speak for itself. When brands or businesses reach out to inquire, you’ll have something on-hand and it’s a great introduction if you’re the one on the inquiring end.



Prospective Clients


This is where the modern media kit varies most from the traditional. Your media kit should be a selling tool. That means it should showcase your brand and work with professional photos, well-written copy, and on-brand design. It should contain every bit of information they need to know about your credentials, process, and pricing, with a heavy dose of personality. Crafting your media kit should be handled with the same care as an in-person presentation or introductory sales pitch. If your prospective client never visits your social media accounts or your website, they should still be armed with all the information they need to be sold on your services.


Why Your Interior Design Brand Needs a Media Kit | desk accessories | The Identite Collective



What to Include in Your Media Kit


Now that you’re convinced you need a media kit, here’s the breakdown of what we recommend including:


Professional Photos

This is a point we address a lot, but it is so important. If you are an interior designer, you need high-quality, consistent, beautiful photos of your work. It’s an investment, but it’s nearly impossible to market your services without them. This is just another place where their presence is essential.

Brand Story

You don’t get many opportunities to speak about your brand to a captive audience. This is your opportunity to share your background, credentials, your best work, and what separates you from the competition.


In a service-driven industry, reviews are so important. Share a few of your favorite client quotes that highlight your expertise.

Process Breakdown

Give a timeline of your process, so they know what to expect. This shows that you are professional and organized.

Explanation of Value

List out what your client receives from working with you, being as thorough as possible. Every client wants to feel like they’re getting a great value for their investment.

Price Sheet

You might be nervous about sending a prospective client a price sheet immediately, but part of being a business owner is knowing which projects are right for you. Giving pricing up front will weed out inquiries that aren’t a great fit financially, saving you both time and inbox space.

*Feel free to remove this sheet when sending your media kit to media outlets or potential collaborators.


If there are certain ways you conduct business (There should be! Refer to our Processes post here.), this is where you should outline them. For instance, you should include office hours and how you handle communications.


Addressing your frequently asked questions is just one more way to make your media kit a time-saver. Feel free to update this document as you receive new questions so that it’s comprehensive.

Team Bios

Include a little introduction to your team, even if it’s just you. The person on the receiving end will be happy to put names and faces with the brand.


Don’t forget to wrap all of this up in a well-designed package that’s easy to send (in an accessible file format) and easy to read.





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